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The Eisenbarth Lab


The Eisenbarth lab focuses on defining the cellular and molecular mechanisms that regulate antibody responses. The development of these antibodies relies on the interactions between three immune cells – dendritic cells (DCs), T cells and B cells. We study how these three cell types communicate to shape different types of antibody responses, some protective in the case of vaccination and some harmful in the case of allergy and alloimmunization. By utilizing human samples to guide our studies and mouse models to test new mechanistic paradigms, we have identified novel and unexpected cell subsets and functions. The fundamental principles governing the interaction between DCs, T cells and B cells are the same across these seemingly disparate responses, yet specialization in the subset of each cell type, the specific niche for the interaction and the cellular signals exchanged between the cells dictates what type of antibody response is generated. This knowledge can be harnessed to induce protective immune responses and subvert pathogenic ones.