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Preston C. Sprenkle, MD

Associate Professor of Urology; Co-Chair, Cancer Liaison Committee, Oncology; Co-Chair, NCCN Guidelines Committee on Prostate Cancer Early Detection; Division Chief, Division of Urology at VA Connecticut Healthcare System, Urology; Director, Urology Research Fellowship, Urology; Director, Urologic Oncology Clinical Fellowship Program, Urology

Contact Information

Preston C. Sprenkle, MD

Patient Care Locations

Mailing Address

  • Urology

    PO Box 208058

    New Haven, CT 06520-8058

    United States



Dr. Preston C. Sprenkle specializes in the treatment of urologic cancers, including prostate cancer, kidney cancer, bladder cancer, testicular cancer and sarcoma – a rare kind of cancer that grows in cells that connect or support other parts of the body, like bone or muscle.

Dr. Sprenkle has dedicated his career to using the latest imaging technologies to improve diagnosis. He was one of the first physicians nationwide to implement the use of the Artemis Device. This machine, introduced in 2009, allows a surgeon to use 3D ultrasound technology and merge it with even more precise magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to accurately identify cancerous tumors.

“Skilled and experienced radiologists are rare for this relatively new technique,” Dr. Sprenkle explains. “At Yale, we are fortunate to have some of the world leaders in prostate MRI.”

Dr. Sprenkle is also a pioneer in “focal therapy,” which allows a surgeon to treat tiny prostate lesions, rather than the whole organ. This avoids many of the side effects—such as erectile dysfunction and incontinence—that may follow the removal of the whole prostate.

“Exciting technological advances are revolutionizing urology. Prostate cancer is very common and current treatments can majorly impact a man's sexual and urinary function,” Dr. Sprenkle says. “Developing ways to minimize the impact of prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment on a man's health and quality of life is tremendously rewarding.”

Dr. Sprenkle believes in working with patients to come up with individualized treatment plans. “I want my patients to feel that I hear their concerns and treat them like a person. I am pleased at the end of a long consultation when they feel like they understand their disease and their options.”

Education & Training

  • Non Degree Program
    Yale School of Management, Emerging Leaders Program (2018)
  • Fellowship
    Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (2011)
  • Residency
    New York Presbyterian Hospital (2009)
  • Internship
    New York Presbyterian Hospital (2005)
  • MD
    Columbia University (2004)
  • BA
    Stanford University, Human Biology (1998)


  • TULSA Pro for prostate cancer discussion
    Participated in virtual support group for men with prostate cancer on the East Coast of the United States 2022
    Discussed new novel treatment, TULSA Pro ablation, for prostate cancer patients with men on the ZERO Men Fighting Cancer prostate cancer support group.
  • ASCO GU 2022: Key Takeaways in Prostate Cancer Imaging 2022
    Oncology Now Roundtable with other Urologic Oncology experts on PSMA-based diagnostic imaging and treatments.
  • Prostate cancer outcomes, comparing surgery and radiation. Side effects of robotic prostatectomy
    AIS Channel Live Surgery 2022
  • Negative Prostate MRI
    Vienna, Austria 2021
    Negative MRI is associated with very low rates of detecting prostate cancer, but is often not adequate on its own to rule out disease.
  • NCCN Early Detection of Prostate Cancer Guidelines Update
    Boston, United States 2021
  • Symposium
    Presentations available online through AUA 2021 2021
    Symposium Discussing use of PSMA-based imaging for prostatte cancer
  • How to: Prostate Ultrasound
    Created instructional Video for AUA Educational Series 2021
  • How To: Placement of Endorectal Spacer and Fiducial Markers
    Created instructional Video for AUA Educational Series 2021
  • Negative prostate MRI, can prostate biopsy be avoided?
    Vienna, Austria 2021
  • Diagnostic Test for Early Detection of Prostate Cancer, review of NCCN Guidelines update
    Fourth Global Summit on Precision Diagnosis for Prostate Cancer 2020
  • Diagnostic Tests for Early Detection of Prostate Cancer, review of NCCN guidelines updates
    Boston, United States 2019
  • Integrating a rectal spacer procedure into urology practice
    Chicago, United States 2019
  • Prostate Cancer Session Moderator
    Providence, United States 2019
  • Multimodal treatment of advanced prostate cancer, discussion panel member
    Providence, United States 2019
  • Diagnostic Tests for Early Detection of Prostate Cancer, review of NCCN guidelines updates
    Boston, United States 2018
  • Hands On Training Course, MR-US fusion prostate biopsy tips and tricks
    San Francisco, United States 2018
  • Session Moderator: Prostate cancer genomics panel
    Hartford, United States 2018
  • Diagnostic Tests for Early Detection of Prostate Cancer, review of NCCN guidelines updates
    Boston, United States 2017
  • MR-US Fusion Biopsy, West Haven VA experience
    Boston, United States 2017
  • Principles of Image Registration
    Linthicum Heights, United States 2017
  • MR-US fusion biopsy in practice: Yale University experience
    Linthicum Heights, United States 2017
  • Yale experience with SpaceOAR rectal spacer
    Montreal, Canada 2017
  • Outcomes of Serial MRI-Fusion Biopsy in Men with Prostate Cancer Managed with Active Surveillance
    Boston, United States 2017
  • Physician learning curve using MR-US fusion prostate biopsy
    Montreal, Canada 2017
  • Image Registration in MR-US Fusion biopsy
    Chicago, United States 2016
  • Focal ablation for prostate cancer
    Portland, United States 2016
  • Should we still biopsy patients with a negative MP-MRI?
    San Diego, United States 2016
  • Emerging role of MR-US fusion prostate biopsy
    Hartford, United States 2015
  • MR-US Fusion prostate biopsy: improving prostate cancer diagnosis
    West Haven, United States 2015
  • Prostate Cancer Screening
    West Haven, United States 2015
  • MRI targeted biopsy alone is inadequate to detect clinically significant prostate cancer: a meta-analysis.
    Nassau, Bahamas 2015
  • MRI-Fusion biopsy in a firt-time biopsy cohort yields increased detection of clinically significant cancer using a simplified MRI grading scale.
    Orlando, United States 2015
  • MRI-US fusion prostate biopsy, improving cancer detection
    Providence, United States 2014
  • Urine Neutrophil Gelatinase-Associated Lipocalin (uNGAL) as a marker for Acute Kidney Injury in Kidney Surgery Patients
    Bethesda, United States 2012
  • Grand Round Presentation "Management of T1 Bladder Cancer"
    Brooklyn, United States 2011
  • Annual Meeting, Society of Urologic Oncology "B7x is a seum marker for prostate cancer."
    Bethseda, United States 2009
  • B7x is a serum marker for prostate cancer
    Bethesda, United States 2009
  • Annual Meeting, American Urological Association, "The bladder trigone is not a Wolffian duct remnant."
    San Francisco, United States 2006
  • The bladder trigone is not a Wolffian duct remnant
    San Francisco, United States 2006

Honors & Recognition

AwardAwarding OrganizationDate
2021 Thesis Reviewer, PA Master Thesis Committee, Yale School of Medicine2021
Mentor Appreciation AwardInterprofessional Longitudinal Clinical Experience2017, 2018, 2019, 2020
Best Poster Podium PresentationYoung Urologic Oncologist dinner, Society Of Urologic Oncology Annual Meeting2009
Finalist - NY section AUA Valentine Essay ContestNY Academy of Medicine2009
Finalist - NY section AUA Valentine Essay ContestNY Academy of Medicine2007
First Prize - NY section AUA Valentine Essay ContestNY Academy of Medicine2006
Arnold P. Gold Humanism in Medicine Honors Society2004
Alpha Omega Alpha Medical School Honors Society2004
Outstanding Member of Stanford CommunityStanford University1998
Member, Board of DirectorsStanford University Alumni Association1997

Professional Service

Clinical Advisory Board, Profound MedicalBoard Member2022 - 2023
NCCN Prostate Cancer Early Detection Guideline PanelVice Chair2021 - Present
Department of Urology Medical Student Thesis review committeeMember2021 - 2023
VHA National Surgery Office - Robotic Surgery Surgical Advisory BoardMember2021 - Present
NIHAd Hoc reviewer for NIH Clinical Trials Genitourinary Steering Committee2019
Scientific Advisory Board, Boston Scientific Inc.Scientific review and advice on urologic products2019 - Present
MCIC LLCSurgeon representative on multi-institutional meetings to improve clinical outcomes2018 - Present
Department of Urology Executive CommitteeMember2016 - Present
Urologic OncologyReviewer2016 - Present
OncotargetReviewer2016 - Present
Nature Scientific ReportsReviewer2016 - Present
Department of Urology Residency Promotion CommitteeMember2015 - 2019
Yale Prostate SPORE kickoff meetingPlanning Committee2015
FrontiersAssociate Editor2015 - Present
Clinical Genitourinary CancerReviewer2015 - Present
PLOS OneReviewer2015 - Present
Yale Interdisciplinary Prostate ProgramInterdisciplinary group focused on collaborative research and development of clinical programs in prostate cancer2015 - Present
Yale Urology Prostate Cancer Screening ClinicParticipant2015 - Present
NCCN Prostate Cancer Early Detection Guideline PanelBoard Member2014 - 2021
Urologic Clinical Cost and Value CommitteeMember2014 - 2016
Interventional Radiology Purchasing CommitteeExpert Panel Member2014 - 2016
Journal of UrologyReviewer2009 - Present
Frontiers in ScienceReviewer2009 - Present
UrologyReviewer2009 - Present
Society of Urologic OncologyMember2009 - Present
Washington Heights free prostate cancer education and screening clinicParticipant2008
American Association of Clinical UrologistsMember2006 - Present

Departments & Organizations