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  • Unusual Labmates: Fruit flies

    Have you ever wondered what it's like to work in a fly lab? The Whitehead Institute put together this gorgeous article on using flies as a model organism.

    Source: Unusual Labmates
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  • Congratulations Tiffany!

    Tiffany Wong presented her Senior Thesis yesterday: "Investigating the Tissue Specificity and Efficiency of Translational Stop Codon Readthrough in Drosophila". This presentation and poster are the culmination of a ton of hard work she did in the Cooley Lab over the last few years. Congratulations Tiffany!

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  • PNAS paper from the Cooley and Atkins labs!

    Translational stop codon readthrough occurs in organisms ranging from viruses to mammals and is especially prevalent in decoding Drosophila and viral mRNAs. We characterize major efficiency differences in a variety of cell types. Reporters of readthrough demonstrated greater than 30% readthrough in adult brains, in neurons but not glia. The extent of readthrough stimulatory sequences flanking the readthrough stop codon was assessed in transgenic Drosophila and in human tissue culture cells where inefficient readthrough occurs. A 99-nucleotide sequence with potential to form an mRNA stem-loop 3′ of the readthrough stop codon stimulated readthrough efficiency.

    Source: Tissue-specific dynamic codon redefinition in Drosophila (PNAS)
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  • New Cooley Lab paper in Development.

    Drosophila sperm development and intercellular cytoplasm sharing through ring canals do not require an intact fusome. Kaufman RS, Price KL, Mannix KM, Ayers KM, Hudson AM, Cooley L. Development. 2020 Nov 15; 2020 Nov 15. PMID: 33033119.

    Source: Development
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  • Juli's paper is published, in Genetics.

    HtsRC-Mediated Accumulation of F-Actin Regulates Ring Canal Size During Drosophila melanogaster Oogenesis Julianne A Gerdes, Katelynn M Mannix, Andrew M Hudson, Lynn Cooley

    Source: Genetics
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