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Research Assistant, Developmental Neuroscience

The Research Assistant will contribute to the design and implementation of behavioral, eye-tracking, and/or psychophysiological studies and conduct experimental procedures with infants and children with and without autism.

The research assistant will be responsible for maintaining hardware and software of behavioral, eye-tracking and electrophysiology labs, conducting experimental procedures with infants and children with and without autism, including eye-tracking and electrophysiological studies. They will oversee the procedures and compliance of research protocols focused on autism and related developmental disorders and will be responsible for maintaining and updating data pipelines for eye tracking research.

The incumbent will also be responsible for data management, data backup, data quality checks and data visualization procedures of both research protocols and clinical assessments. They will assist with data collection, data management and analysis using statistical methods, including linear mixed models and data-driven analytic approaches using packages such as R, SPSS, SAS and/or MATLAB. The research assistant may also assist in grant and manuscript preparation.

Candidates who apply by February 22nd will be given priority consideration.

For more information and to apply online:

REQ 63349BR