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Images from the Carroll Lab

Welcome to the Carroll Lab

Laboratory of Nuclear Organization and Chromosome Biology
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The eukaryotic genome is highly organized within the nucleus. This organization occurs at several different spatial scales, ranging from local interactions between proximal nucleosomes to the global positioning of large chromosomal domains within specific nuclear compartments. 

The Carroll lab is interested in understanding the molecular mechanisms that control nuclear organization, and further, how these mechanisms are integrated to ensure the integrity and proper expression of the genome. We take an interdisciplinary approach using biochemistry, cell biology, and genomics to address these questions.

The development of high-throughput sequencing technologies has revolutionized our understanding of eukaryotic genome organization and gene expression. In particular, the systematic genome-wide location analysis of post-translational histone modifications has led to the identification of numerous distinct chromatin states that are associated with particular functions (i.e. active enhancers, promoters, silent chromatin, etc.).