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Anticevic, Murray edit new book on computational psychiatry

October 02, 2017

Two Yale Department of Psychiatry faculty have edited a new book that provides a comprehensive overview of the rapidly evolving field of computational psychiatry.

“Computational Psychiatry: Mathematical Modeling of Mental Illness” was edited by Alan Anticevic, PhD, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and of Psychology, and John D. Murray, PhD, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry.

According to the editors, the book is the “first systematic effort to bring together leading scholars in the fields of psychiatry and computational neuroscience who have conducted the most impactful research and scholarship in this area. It includes an introduction outlining the challenges and opportunities facing the field of psychiatry that is followed by a detailed treatment of computational methods used in the service of understanding neuropsychiatric symptoms, improving diagnosis and guiding treatments.”

The book, published by Academic Press, is written for academics, researchers, advanced students, and clinicians in the fields of computational neuroscience, clinical neuroscience, psychiatry, clinical psychology, neurology, and cognitive neuroscience.

It provides a comprehensive survey of work from leaders in the field and a presentation of a range of computational psychiatry methods and approaches geared toward a broad array of psychiatric problems.

Submitted by Christopher Gardner on October 02, 2017