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Total RNA for Gene Expression Profiling

Sample requirements
  1. Total RNA of very high quality (28S:18S = 2:1, OD 260/280 > 1.8, OD 260/230 > 1.8) in DEPC-H2O is the best way to begin. 
  2. Samples should be cleaned with Qiagen Rneasy columns, including Trizol-isolated RNA. Samples for micro RNA expression should be isolated and purified with Qiagen miRNeasy Mini kit (cat. no. 217004).
  3. Dnase-treatment is highly recommended as RNeasy columns alone may not completely remove genomic DNA.
  4. Total RNA isolated from whole blood needs to be globin-reduced. We recommend Ambion GLOBINclear kit (cat. no. AM1980, AM1981).
  5. Samples that need to be concentrated at our facility will be assessed an additional fee.