PacBio RS II

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The PacBio RS II system conducts, monitors and analyzes single molecule, realtime (SMRT™) sequencing reactions. The instrument features high performance optics, automated liquid handling, and an environmental control center, all directed through an intuitive touchscreen interface. Also included is our state-of-the-art Blade Center, the computational brain responsible for primary data analysis. The comprehensive informatics suite, for more advanced analyses, completes the package. Inside and out, the PacBio RS is designed with you in mind. Our thoughtful hardware and software design makes operation simple and intuitive.

Because we are continuously working to expand our capabilities, the instrument is designed with maximum scalability. This allows for seamless integration of performance enhancements through chemistry and software advances. The PacBio RS will therefore provide a continually broader set of applications over time without the need for hardware upgrade.

The instrument contains three primary user access points:
  • RS Touch touchscreen interface. The system’s primary control center, it features an adjustable viewing angle and is fully compatible with gloved use.
  • Reagent and Sample Drawer for plate loading.
  • SMRT Cell and Tip Drawer for consumables loading.
Throughout the DNA sequencing process, the PacBio RS uses advanced collection optics to record light pulses emitted as a byproduct of nucleotide incorporation. These signals are delivered in real time to the primary analysis pipeline, housed entirely on the Blade Center. Proprietary algorithms translate each pulse into an A, C, G or T base call with its own set of quality metrics. As soon as the basecall data is generated, it is available for secondary analysis through PacBio software or virtually any other secondary analysis pipeline.

Additional features of the PacBio RS include:
  • Intuitive run setup tools
  • Workflow optimization tools
  • Error-proof instrument loading
  • Robotic workflow management
  • Absolute run size flexibility
  • Intelligent run progress monitoring