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Pooled Exome Analysis

Sequencing costs for specific applications:
Recent R&D efforts at YCGA for analyzing pooled samples has resulted in increased throughput and significant cost savings for various applications. Since one lane of a NovaSeq flowcell provides sequence for approximately 500 billion bases, it is possible to sequence multiple barcoded samples in one lane and still obtain sufficient coverage for each of the pooled samples. The following table provides costs for the most common applications. We guarantee 95% 10x target base coverage for germline, 95% 20x target base coverage for de novo mutations, and 95% 40x target base coverage for somatic mutations in tumors. If you need further information, please contact us.

Whole-Exome Analysis:
As indicated in the table below, the cost depends upon how many samples are pooled together.

# of barcoded exomes captured
per one oligo pool

Example of

Approx. # of millions of
PE reads/exome


5T 10N

Detection of somatic variations/
Tumor/Normal samples

150T 75N

$602T $362N


Identification of denovo mutations




Discovery of Mendelian/
rare disease variations
and common disorders



*Yale Prices for FY2018