How to Participate

The CMG only accepts samples referred by a health care provider or researcher, and doesn’t accept self or family referrals. If you are interested in information about sample submission, please ask your health care provider to contact us at

All submissions are evaluated by our phenotype review committee.  The CMG accepts samples from individuals that have been properly consented for genetic sequencing. DNA samples are preferred, but other sample types, such as blood or saliva, may be accepted on a case-by-case basis. Results from data generated through the CMG are not intended for clinical diagnosis or genetic counseling.

Since this is a genetics study, you and your health care provider should consider contacting a geneticist or genetic counselor for more information.  You and your health care provider may find the following references useful:

To find certified physicians, visit the American Board of Medical Genetics website.

To find a geneticist in your area, visit the GeneTests Clinic Directory.

To find a genetic counselor in your area, visit the National Society of Genetic Counselors website.