YCGA Staff

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact YCGA, West Campus, 203-737-3031. Your call will be forwarded to the staff member best suited to handle your inquiry.

Name Position Email Phone Number
Shrikant Mane, Ph.D. Director shrikant.mane@yale.edu 203-737-3058
Kaya Bilguvar, MD Associate Director of Sequencing kaya.bilguvar@yale.edu 203-737-4919
Guilin Wang, Ph.D. Associate Director of Microarray guilin.wang@yale.edu 203-737-3662
Irina Tikhonova, M.S. Biotechnology Associate III irina.tikhonova@yale.edu 203-737-3031
Chris Castaldi, M.S. Research Associate II christopher.castaldi@yale.edu 203-737-3142
Jaime Miller, M.S. Research Associate I jaime.miller@yale.edu 203-737-3031
William Renock Research Associate I william.renock@yale.edu 203-737-3031
Judith Janette Research Assistant I judith.janette@yale.edu 203-737-3031
Rachel Hagan
Research Assistant I rachel.hagan@yale.edu
Erica Ryke, M.S. Research Assistant I erica.ryke@yale.edu 203-737-3031
Lindsey Wirsing, M.S. Research Assistant I lindsey.wirsing@yale.edu 203-737-3031
Lauren Machado, M.S. 
Research Assistant I
Jason Ignatius Systems Programmer II jason.ignatius@yale.edu 203-737-3061
James Knight, Ph.D
Research Scientist j.knight@yale.edu 203-737-4648
Sameet Mehta, Ph.D
Associate Research Scientist sameet.mehta@yale.edu 203-785-5598
Sonia Santana Administrative Supervisor II sonia.santana@yale.edu 203-737-3145
Francesc Lopez-Giraldez, Ph.D.
Associate Research Scientist
203-737-6864, -3050  
John Wheeler, M.S.
Research Assistant I
Evelyn Ng Research Assistant I evelyn.ng@yale.edu
Srujana Golla, Ph.D. Associate Research Scientist srujana.golla@yale.edu 203-737-3155
Amanda Leigh Administration Assistant amanda.leigh@yale.edu