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Sample Fractionation

Sample Fractionation
Biocad Vision Workstation Applied Biosystems Strong cation exchange separation
Model 1090 HPLC Hewlett Packard Reverse phase HPLC separation of proteins and peptides
Model 1100 HPLC Agilent Serum/plasma/urine immunoaffinity partitioning
ProteomeLab PF2D Protein Fractionation System Beckman-Coulter 2DLC separation (chromatofocusing and non-porous reverse phase) and Protein Profiling
Typhoon 9410 Scanner, Ettan Spot Picker, Ettan TA Digester GE Healthcare DIGE Protein Profiling system
3100 OFFGEL Fractionator Agilent Separates proteins and peptides by pI, with fractionated samples collected in solution.
dPC Fractionator Protein Forest Inc. Separates proteins and peptides by pI in a dPC chip. Samples are eluted or digested from the chip after fractionation.