Global MRM Atlas of the Human Kinome

Jesse Rinehart, Department of Department of Cellular & Molecular Physiology and Systems Biology Institute, Yale University

My research group, in collaboration with Chris Colangelo and the NIDA Neuroproteomics Center, have devised a rapid and efficient method to translate discovery, shotgun-style mass spectrometry data into MRM-based targeted proteomics methods that can be used for large scale quantitative proteomics.  This method, combined with a tandem of next-generation mass spectrometers, stands to revolutionize the way global, quantitative proteomics is conceptualized and achieved.

Our specific aims are to: 1) Create an LC-MRM method which, in a single 60 min run, can quantitate the entire human kinome.  To accomplish this goal we propose to create the first highly significant, and nearly comprehensive database of human kinase peptides, the “Human Kinome Atlas”.  The Human Kinome Atlas will be the primary data source from which the human kinome MRM method will be derived. 2) The Human Kinome Atlas will be used to derive a homologous peptide atlas for rodent.  We will then construct a rodent kinome MRM method and, in collaboration with Center investigator Angus Nairn, interrogate samples obtained from rodent models which have been exposed to cocaine.