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March for Science

New Haven, CT
Elena Clancy, who worked as an undergraduate student with Center Investigator Angus Nairn, shows how to extract DNA from tomatoes using common household items. (Photo credit: Jeff Poch)
On April 22nd, 2017, citizens from all over Connecticut came to New Haven to celebrate science, rally for informed science policy, and to learn a little more about the role science plays in our daily lives. Dr Becky Carlyle, Associate Research Scientist in Molecular Psychiatry and member of the Yale NIDA Neuroproteomics Center, was one of the co-organizers of the March. Key to the success of the day was the hour preceding the rally, where scientists from Yale, U New Haven, UConn, and New Haven museums ran demonstrations introducing kids and adults to DNA extraction, how the eye works (and optical illusions), demonstrations of angular momentum and fluid dynamics, cell phone microscopy, and the best way to use science to unblock your sink! In a quiet corner of the field, 10 scientists talked in a more intimate setting about their personal lives, their motivations and their dreams for science in Science Story Corner.
Dr. Becky Carlyle (left), Yale/NIDA Neuroproteomics Center, and Professor Diane Krause (Center), Yale Stem Cell Center, who both helped organize the event; lead the March for Science. (Photo credit: Gary Winfield)
Over 3000 people attended the demonstrations, stories, and the following rally and march, to listen to a wide range of speakers including US Senator Richard Blumenthal, New Haven Science teachers, HIV activists, and public health figures. Members of the Yale/NIDA Neuroproteomics Center helped with organization, marshaling, and attended the event.