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2019 External Advisory Board Meeting of the Yale/NIDA Neuroproteomics Center

Wednesday, May 1, 2019, Yale U., Hope Building, Second Floor Room#216 at 315 Cedar St., New Haven, CT (click on Core or Project Title to download PDF copy of the Powerpoint presentation)
Talk # Speakers Institution Core or Project Title Start Time Mina

Continental Breakfast - All Attendees Welcome 8:40 AM 20
1 Ken Williams Yale U. Center Overview 9:00 AM 20
2 TuKiet Lam Yale U. Protein & PTM Profiling and Identification Core Section 9:20 AM 20
3 Rashaun Wilson Yale U. Development of Targeted Mass Spectrometry-based Approaches for Quantitation of Proteins Enriched in the Postsynaptic Density (PSD) 9:40 AM 20
4 Gang Peng Yale U. ProteomicsBrowser: MS/Proteomics Data Visualization and Investigation 10:00 AM 20

Morning Coffee Break - All Attendees Welcome 10:20 AM 20
5 Ewa Folta-Stogniew Yale U. Biophysics Core Section 10:40 AM 20
6 Mark Gerstein & Prashant Emani Yale U. Comparing RNA and Protein Abundance 11:00 AM 20
7 Pietro DeCamilli Yale U. Lipid Transport at Membrane Contact Sites 11:20 AM 20
8 Thomas Biederer Tufts U. Mapping the Proteome of the Synaptic Cleft Through Proximity Labeling 11:40 AM 20

Buffet Lunch - All Attendees Welcome 12:00 PM 40
9 Stephanie Groman (Taylor) Yale U. A ‘Targeted’ Approach to Identify the Proteins Underlying the Biobehavioral Mechanisms of Addiction 12:40 PM 20
10 Mary Torregrossa U. Pittsburgh Identification of Novel Regulators of Cocaine Associated Memories 1:00 PM 20
11 Betty Eipper U. Conn. Brain Region and Isoform-Specific Phosphorylation Alters Kalirin SH2 Domain Interaction Sites and Calpain Sensitivity 1:20 PM 20
12 Drew Kiraly Mt. Sinai Sch. Med. Granulocyte-colony Stimulating Factor Alters the Proteomic Landscape of the Nucleus Accumbens 1:40 PM 20

Afternoon Coffee break - All Attendees Welcome

13 Michael Koelle Yale U. Identification of Protein Complexes Formed by the Major Brain G Protein Gαo 2:20 PM 20
14 Sreeganga Chandra Yale U. Understanding the Impact of Disaggregases Through Unbiased Proteomics 2:40 PM 20
15 Marina Picciotto and Angela Lee Yale U. Evaluating the Phosphoproteome of Mouse a4/b2 nAChRs and Effects of Nicotine on the VTA Proteome in Male and Female Mice 3:00 PM 20
16 Becky Carlyle (Nairn) Harvard Med. Sch./Mass. Gen. Hosp. A Multiregional Proteomic Survey of the Postnatal Human Brain 3:20 PM 20
17 Angus Nairn Yale U. Current and Future Challenges in Neuroproteomics 3:40 PM 20

(Closed) External Advisory Committee Meeting with Angus Nairn and Ken Williams 4:00 PM 30