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Next Generation Sequencing

Ion Torrent Personal Genome Machine (PGM)

Ion Torrent™ Technology directly translates chemically encoded information (A, C, G, T) into digital information on a semiconductor chip. Simple natural chemistry helps result in unmatched uniformity of coverage. Ion Torrent™ uses simple sequencing chemistry including natural nucleotides, no enzymatic cascade, no fluorescence, no chemiluminescence, no optics, no light: The Chip is the Machine. The Ion PGM Sequencer has 3 chip densities for optimal performance.

We offer Next Generation Sequencing on the Ion Torrent Personal Genome Machine (PGM). The Ion PGM system is ideal for small genome sequencing, targeted DNA and RNA sequencing when coupled with Ion AmpliSeq technology.

Ion AmpliSeq™ technology delivers simple and fast library construction for affordable targeted sequencing of specific human genes or genomic regions. Based on ultrahigh-multiplex PCR, Ion AmpliSeq™ technology requires as little as 10 ng of input DNA to target sets of genes. There are three AmpliSeq Panels to choose from: Ready-to-use, Custom Panels and Community Panels.