Service & Fees

Rates as of 7/1/2018

Service Yale Fee Non-Yale Fee
Individual Tube
Premixed sample $2.99 $3.59
Difficult templates
(includes BAC, 70% GC rich, hairpin structures, shRNA that require altered sequencing methods)
$2.00 surcharge $2.00 surcharge
Plate Sequencing
96-well, 48-well minimum charge
$1.55/well $1.86/well
384-well $1.55/well $1.86/well
PCR Purification & Sequencing
96-well (charge for entire plate) $2.80/well $3.36/well
384-well (charge for entire plate) $2.50/well $3.00/well
Fragment Analysis
96-well (charge for entire plate) $0.75/well $0.90/well
Real-Time PCR
RT-PCR Plate Run (equipment use only) $70.00 $84.00
SNP Plate Run + Post Read (equipment use only) $105.00 $126.00
SNP Plate (post read only) $120.00 $144.00
Library Prep $200.00/sample $240.00/sample
Sequencing, 314 Chip $500.00 $600.00
Sequencing, 316 Chip $600.00 $720.00
Sequencing, 318 Chip $700.00 $840.00
Genomic DNA QC $16.00 $19.20
RNA QC $16.00 $19.20

Please contact us for volume discount and for profit pricing.