Data Return FAQ

Who should I call to ask questions about data return?
Sending an email to will yield the fastest response.  You may also cal the lab at 203-737-2566.

What is your preferred method of data return?
Data return via the ftp-server is our only method. A password protected ftp-account will be set up for you and the ID and password (if a new account) will be e-mailed to you after we have received your samples.

If I lose a sequence can I have the data re-sent?
We try to accommodate peoples' requests, although you are responsible for your data once it leaves our lab. Retrieving data older than four weeks is time consuming. We reserve the right to add an additional "data retrieval" charge for repeated requests for old data. Please back-up your sequence data right away to avoid this problem.

When will I get my electronic data?
Electronic data is uploaded throughout the day.