FTP Instructions

Once we have received and sequenced your samples, your results will be posted to a secure data retrieval website.

If your P.I. does not have a user ID and password account, we will establish one for you and email you the details. Once a password-protected account is established for your P.I. the account is accessible via our web-site, http://keck.yalemedicine.org/dnaftp.htm.

The user ID and password you were assigned is case sensitive and must be entered as shown in your e-mail notification.

Enter your user ID:

Enter your password:

Each researcher has his/her own folder of data.

Please download and store your data. We are not responsible for failures of the server where data is lost.

To make entry to the website faster you may bookmark the site. If you bookmark, be sure to hit "reload" or “refresh” on the browser menu to update your screen.

If you have any problems or comments please e-mail us at dnasequencing@yale.edu or call 203-737-2566.

Instructions for Accessing FTP Accounts

Please see the following instructions for accessing your ftp accounts.

Click Here for PC Instructions.

Click here for Mac Instructions.

Please download your data and archive it. Periodically (4-6 week intervals), we will clean out old files from each ftp account.

If you are having trouble viewing your results

Check the status of your order at:

If your samples are complete, then log in to your FTP account and open your folder.

If you still cannot see your results, please try the following:

  1. Refresh your web browser
  2. Use Mozilla Firefox as the web browser
  3. Use a PC (instead of a Mac)