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Stopped-Flow Spectrofluorometer

The facility houses an Applied Photophysics SX.18MV Stopped-Flow instrument that has recently been upgraded to operate with the latest Pro-Data windows software used on the current model SX20 stopped-flows and also the Chirascan Circular Dichroism instrument.

The SX is a state-of-the-art stopped-flow reaction analysis system featuring absorbance and fluorescence detection. The system is equipped with a low-volume stopped-flow cell in which microliter volumes of sample are mixed and resulting signal changes can be monitored on a time scale from milliseconds to 1000s.

In addition to the standard single mix experiment where two reagents are mixed, the SX.18MV is equipped with the sequential-mixing ('double-mixing') accessory. In this mode, two reagents are mixed in an aging loop and after a user-defined ageing time mixed with a third reagent.

SX.18MV Stopped-Flow Reaction Analyzer

  • optimized for absorbance and fluorescence acquisition
  • automated sample handling unit
  • millisecond dead-time enabling measurement of rate constants of up to 1500 s-1
  • minimum volume requirement: 40 microliters of reagent from each syringe
  • variable temperature capabilities
For further information about the SX series of stopped-flow instruments visit the Applied Photophysics website at

Contact Information:

Dr. Khadijeh Alnajjar

Hunter Radiation Therapy
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