The Yale School of Medicine website was redesigned in 2006 to be more consistent and easier for online visitors to use. Central to this effort was the creation of a standardized web template that was available to any YSM-affiliated entity that needed a web presence. The design was built to be flexible and adaptable for the different kinds of organizations within the School of Medicine.

In the fall of 2010, a new YSM web template was released to meet the University’s new branding guidelines, and it incorporated many of the design and functionality requests from since the first template. 

In 2015, the template was redesigned again and this time, some of the enhancements included:

  1. Larger, easier to read fonts and wider pages
  2. More white space for a cleaner, less cramped feel
  3. Sites displaying properly on mobile phones and tablets
  4. Better navigation functionality and page layouts

At the same time, a new News and People Profile System was launched, in effect changing the entire playing field of the web at YSM.

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