YouTube channel

We manage YaleMedicine, the School of Medicine’s channel on YouTube. The channel contains videos produced by IPC and other groups and individuals at the school. If you are producing videos that address the educational, research, or clinical missions of the school, or concern the activities of faculty, students, staff, or alumni, consider the YSM channel as a hosting location. Here are some things to think about:

We confirm with you that the major speakers (or lecturer) in the video have signed the Yale Speaker’s Permission Form. This includes Yale faculty, students, and staff. We cannot distribute the content without this permission. We cannot post a video online till the speaker has signed this form. If the speaker has questions or concerns about the form, please alert us, and we can connect them with Yale’s Office of General Counsel (OGC).

The speakers can return this form to your office, and you can fax a copy to our office at 203-785-4327. If it is a scanned image, please forward the form to Michael Fitzsousa.

If the speaker has already signed a permissions form for this video that is not the Yale Speaker’s Permission form, you can forward that to our office and we can review with OGC that it is acceptable.

You can download the form here: PDF | DOC

View FAQ for more details about legal clearances.

We also review the video for any technical or legal issues there might be. Examples of technical issues may be audio glitches or portions of the video that get dropped and display a black screen. Examples of legal issues are brand names appearing prominently, music used that might be copyrighted and does not fall under Fair Use qualifications, and persons appearing prominently in the video who have not signed permissions forms. View FAQ for more details about legal clearances.

Any video hosted on the YSM channel must be cleared for patient privacy under the HIPAA legislation enacted in 2003, which guarantees the safeguarding of protected health information, or PHI. We require a signed HIPAA release form from patients who appear in videos appearing on the yalemedicine channel, if they receive care from Yale physicians or other clinicians of Yale Medical Group or Yale-New Haven Hospital and PHI is contained in the video. 

Download the form here. 

Learn more about HIPAA here.

If a video contains copyrighted imagery (photos, clip art, graphs, etc.) or other media (videos, music tracks, etc.) we must confirm with you that Yale has permission to disseminate this content. Permission must be granted by the content originator to allow Yale to distribute the content on any and all dissemination platforms.

If your video is already edited, you have the Yale “bug” in the upper right hand corner of the screen and all metadata and permissions have been turned in, then your video is ready to go up to YouTube. (For more on the Yale bug, click here.) You most likely used a video editing program like iMovie, Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere. Please use this program to export your movie file to a high quality MOV, M4V or MPEG4 with H.264 codec. The H.264 is what YouTube uses to preserve the quality of your video in a small, easy-to-upload-and-download file size. Please note: If your video is not completely finished, please do not send us the video in H.264 as the compression makes the video difficult to edit and still ensure the high quality of your program.