Video at Yale

Yale Broadcast & Media Center

Located in an 8,000-square-foot facility at 135 College Street, the Broadcast & Media Center provides a wide range of video and audio services to the Yale community. The center includes two fully-equipped television studios, an audio recording studio, and a fully-integrated videoconferencing room. The mission of the Broadcast & Media Center is to support faculty members, researchers, administrators, and other community members by facilitating their participation in the global media dialogue on issues of great societal importance.

University channels

There are three university-wide channels on which users may find Yale content managed by the Yale Broadcast & Media Center and the Office of Digital Dissemination. If your program concerns university-wide themes, one of these channels may be appropriate.


The main University channel is a space for distributing Yale lectures and interviews. The ‘Lectures’ channel includes all kinds of educational material, and may be – but not limited to- on-campus public lectures given by Yale Professors or guest lecturers, interviews produced in-studio, and collections of class lectures. Some featured playlists on this channel include the Faith & Globalization course lectures, The MacMillan Report interview show, and the Yale Divinity Bible Study Series.


The ‘Courses’ channel is reserved for the distribution of Open Yale Courses video content on YouTube. You can visit full course content at the Open Yale Courses website.


The ‘Campus’ channel is a place for videos about Yale or promoting Yale and its programs.

For more information visit the Yale Broadcast and Media Center.