Shawn Michael Ferguson, PhD

Associate Professor of Cell Biology

Research Organizations

Cell Biology: Ferguson Lab

Alzheimer's Disease Research Center (ADRC)

Office of Cooperative Research

Extensive Research Description

Specific projects under development include:

1. Understanding signaling mechanisms that coordinate lysosomal function (macromolecule degradation) with lysosomal biogenesis. How does a cell match lysosomal capacity with demand? How are signals transduced from the interior of the lysosome to the cytoplasm?

2. Investigation of the cellular function of genes underlying neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis. Mutations in multiple human genes have been identified as causes of this lethal childhood neurodegenerative disease arising from lysosomal dysfunction. However, the basic cellular functions of the normal proteins that they encode remain largely unclear. I aim to take advantage of the clues gained from human genetic studies to guide efforts to achieve better cell biological understanding of these diseases and of the normal regulation of lysosomal function that becomes impaired in these disease states.

3. Investigation of the mechanisms that cause neuronal lysosome trafficking defects in Alzheimer’s disease.

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