Rosana Gonzalez-Colaso, PharmD, MPH

Assistant Professor in the Physician Associate Program, Department of Medicine; Faculty Director, Workforce Development and Research, Equity Research and Innovation Center (ERIC); Associate Director, Teamwork Curriculum, Interprofessional Longitudinal Clinical Experience

Research Interests

Health Services Research; Hispanic Americans

Public Health Interests

Health Disparities; Health Services Research

Research Organizations

Internal Medicine: General Internal Medicine

Office of Cooperative Research

Research Summary

Extensive Research Description

Health Services Research

Development of a culturally and linguistically sensitive instrument to measure self-reported experiences of healthcare discrimination (PreDict). Role:Director, Spanish-Language Research Core. Funding: National Institutes of Health (PI: Nunez-Smith)

Explore barriers and facilitators to quality care for patients with Limited English Proficiency in the US.

Selected Publications

  • Gonzalez-Colaso R. “Interprofessional Education and Health Equity.” Beyond Flexner Conference 2016, Expert Panel Presentation, September 2016. Miami, FL
  • Gonzalez-Colaso R, Rizzo T, Oladele, C, Tessier-Sherman B, Nunez-Smith M. “Gender Differences in Patient Reported Hospital Experiences and Information Sharing.” Society of General Internal Medicine (SGIM), Poster, May 2016. Hollywood, FL
  • Martinez P, Brissette D, Encandela JA, Fahs D, Gonzalez-Colaso R, Honan L, Kennedy C, , Colson E. “Effect of an Interprofessional Education Curriculum on Patient Empathy for First- Year Nursing, Medical, and Physician Associate Students.” Poster. National Nurse Educator Summit April 2016, Nashville, VA
  • Bozzuto V, Semere W, Lynch E, Gonzalez-Colaso R. “Partnering with Academic Healthcare Institutions to Develop Successful Job Training Programs.” Expert Panel Presentation. American Association of Community Colleges (AACC). April 2016. Chicago, IL
  • Encandela JA, Brissette D, Fahs D, Gonzalez-Colaso R, Honan L, Kennedy C, Martinez P, Colson E. Assessing Teamwork in Interprofessional Clinical Education. Oral Presentation. Otawa Conference. March 2016. Perth, Australia
  • Brissette D, Gonzalez-Colaso R. “Approaches to Giving Negative Feedback to Trainees: Is There a Best Practice?” Northeast Group on Educational Affairs (NEGEA) AAMC. April 2015, Worcester, MA
  • Encandela JA, Kennedy D, Brissette D, Fahs D, Gonzalez-Colaso R, Honan L, Martinez P, Colson E. “Lessons Learned in the Process of Developing and Implementing and Interprofessional Clinical Pilot Program.” Northeast Group on Educational Affairs (NEGEA) AAMC. April 2015, Worcester, MA
  • Garino A, Gonzalez-Colaso R. Asprey D, Coplan B, Shuer K. “Ideas and Innovations: Review of the Recent Health Education Literature.” Physician Assistant Education Association (PAEA).
  • Kilgore M, Groover T, Rizzo T, Gonzalez-Colaso R, Wang K, Lagu T, Nunez-Smith N. “Diversity Issues in Medical Regulation (DIMeR): Demographic Representation of US Medical Boards.” Society of General Internal Medicine. March 2014, Boston, MA
  • Gonzalez-Colaso R, Oladele CR, Nunez-Smith. “Language Services in US Hospitals in Areas of Linguistic Need.” Minority Health and Health Disparities (NIMHD) Grantees Conference, December 2014, National Harbor, MD
  • Rodriguez G, Nunez-Smith M, Gonzalez-Colaso R. “Predicting Immigrant Health: Does Type of Language Measure Matter?” Presented at the Minority Health and Health Disparities (NIMHD) Grantees Conference, December 2014. National Harbor, MD
  • Brissette D, Gonzalez-Colaso R. “Approaches to Communicating with Students When Stakes Are High” Physician Assistant Education Association (PAEA). November 2014. Philadelphia, PA
  • Gonzalez-Colaso R, Moloney-Johns A, Jacqueline S. "To Teach or Not to Teach: 2011 National Survey of Physician Assistants and Preceptor Experiences". Journal of Physician Assistant Education. 2013;24(2):12-19
  • Gonzalez-Colaso R. Sandoval-Schaefer T, Abad-Merino S, Nunez-Smith M. "Cross-cultural Measurement Development: The Case of the Hispanic Population." American Public Health Association 141st Annual Meeting & Exposition Boston, MA • November 4, 2013.
  • Gonzalez-Colaso R, Enking P, Gorney C, Hudak N. "Tales from the Trenches: Physician Assistants’ Perspectives on Precepting Students." Abstract. Journal of Physician Assistant Education e-portal. 2013;24(2):60e
  • Rodriguez G, Gonzalez-Colaso R, Nunez-Smith M. "Experiences of Reported Healthcare Discrimination: Insights from Focus Groups with Spanish-Language Speaking Patients." Abstract. Journal of Society of General Internal Medicine e-portal. 2012;27(7). Suppl
  • Gonzalez-Colaso, R, Nunez-Smith M. 2010. Working with Medical Interpreters. In Yale Office-based Medicine Curriculum, eds. Rosenbaum J, Hay S, Warner M, and Whitman L, 5th edition. New Haven, CT: Yale University.
  • Spicyn N. Gonzalez-Colaso R., Curry L., Fortin A., Guerrero C., Dumont-Mathieu T, Nunez-Smith M. Patient Refusal of Physician in Hospital Settings: Hospital Leaders’ Perspectives. Abstract. Journal of Society of General Internal Medicine e-portal. 2010;
  • Gonzalez-Colaso R., Guerrero C., Nunez-Smith M. Provision of language services and Linguistic Needs: Are Hospitals Speaking to their Communities? 2010 Sixth Annual AAMC Physician Workforce Research Conference. May 6-7, 2010, Alexandria, VA
  • Brisette D, Gonzalez-Colaso R. "International Clinical Rotations: Brainstorming a Process for a Successful Experience," Presentation. Physician Assistant Education Association Annual Education Forum, November 2009.

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