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Ending YSM's year on a high note

Along with its challenges, 2009 brought major achievements and international recognition to our community. May the new year be one of continued growth, progress, and good health for all.

As the semester draws to a close and we enter the winter recess, let me wish you a joyous holiday and happy new year. During the past year, we have worked hard together to advance the school’s missions in so many areas—educating a new generation of aspiring physicians, physician associates, scientists, and public health practitioners; caring for patients while delivering a superb level of clinical service; and delving ever deeper into the fundamental science that governs human biology and research on the many aspects of health and health care.

Photo by Terry Dagradi

2009 has been a year of strategic decision-making and sustained, successful effort in developing our educational, clinical, and research programs. We saw the awarding of the Nobel Prize to one of our scientists and outstanding success in the effort to secure new grants under the federal stimulus program. The Yale Medical Group expanded its clinical services and provided care to an ever-larger patient base. Strategic planning for medical education undertook a top-to-bottom examination of our educational program, affirming its unique strengths and identifying opportunities for continued leadership.

In all these endeavors, it is the individuals who make up our community—the faculty, students, trainees, and staff of Yale School of Medicine—who make a difference. To all, I offer my thanks and congratulations on behalf of the school, and my wishes that 2010 will be a year of growth, good health, and happiness, for you and your family.