Applications and Eligibility

Guidelines for Pilot and Feasibility Projects


Full-time faculty who fall into the following categories: 

  • Junior Faculty who have not received NIH support other than early-stage or small research grants, who are clearly independent and wish to develop a career in musculoskeletal research. Associate Research Scientists will also be considered if there is documented departmental commitment to promotion to a traditional faculty track.
  • Established investigators with no previous work in musculoskeletal disease who wish to explore a musculoskeletal related problem.
  • Established investigators in musculoskeletal and related disorders who propose testing original ideas that represent a departure from ongoing research interests.

Application Forms

Submit completed applications by Nov. 30, 2012. You may email the application to Irene Sherman. The font type should be 10 point or larger with standard 1" left and right margins. Application forms can be obtained by emailing Irene Sherman ( or calling her at 203-737-2871.

Review Process

Submitted proposals will be initially screened by the Core Directors to establish reviewer assignment. Each proposal will be reviewed by one Yale scientist who is a member of the Internal Executive Committee and by two external reviewers. Reviews will follow the NIH guidelines. They will include a list of strengths and weaknesses and will receive a priority score. Final funding decisions will be made by all members of the Internal Executive Committee. Successful applicants will be notified verbally and in writing by the Pilot and Feasibility Director. Unsuccessful applicants will be notified in writing. Written critiques will be made available to all applicants.

Should an investigator wish to request a second year of funding for any given project, he/she will be required to submit a progress report, experimental plans and a budget for the second year by the November 30th deadline. These applications will be submitted to each member of the Program Committee, and will be discussed and reviewed when new applications are evaluated.


Funds will be made available to the Principal Investigator on April 1, 2013. All projects will be terminated if outside funding for the project is awarded. If the Investigator leaves Yale, the project may be transferred to a new Principal Investigator at the discretion of the Program Committee.

Progress Reports

All successful applicants will be required to submit a progress report at the end of the study. This should include publications, outside funding and an itemization of skills and collaborative relationships developed as a result of the project. In addition, recipients of funds will be required to present their data at the annual YCCMD symposium.

Important Dates

Oct 1, 2012
Solicitation of proposals

Nov 30, 2012
Deadline for proposal submission

Jan 23, 2013
Awards announced

Apr 1, 2013
Start Date