An essential part of the Yale Lupus Program is ongoing clinical and translational research, with the goal of better understanding lupus and advancing treatment. Patients at the Center have access to novel therapies and the opportunity to participate in clinical research studies should they choose to do so. A cadre of highly recognized scientists at Yale is involved in investigating the possible causes and new treatments of lupus using animal models, biological samples, and clinical data from lupus patients. These investigators include Drs. Rick Bucala, Joe Craft, Eric Meffre, Insoo Kang, Martin Kriegel and Mark Mamula. Collectively, the expertise of these investigators ranges from innate immunity to B and T cell immunity in lupus. These investigators closely interact and actively participate in The Yale Rheumatic Diseases Research Core Center (YRDRCC) to further promote lupus-related research at Yale. Our collaborative, multidisciplinary endeavors work to promote a better understanding of the etiology and pathogenesis of lupus, for the purpose of advancing new, effective therapies.