Liana Fraenkel, MD, MPH

Professor of Medicine (Rheumatology); Section Chief of Rheumatology, CT Veterans Administration Medical Center

Research Interests

Decision Making; Decision Making, Computer-Assisted; Epidemiology; Rheumatology; Veterans; Patient Preference

Research Organizations

Internal Medicine: Liver Center | Rheumatology

Faculty Research

Office of Cooperative Research

Research Summary

My research focuses on studying medical decision making. Specifically my work has focused on understanding the determinants of patients' choices and improving ways of effectively communicating complex risk information and eliciting patient preferences for alternative treatments in clinical practice.

Specialized Terms: Epidemiology; provision of health services in rheumatic disease

Extensive Research Description

I am currently using interactive computer tools to quantify the trade-offs that patients make when faced with multiple alternatives and to predict treatment choices. My long-term goal is to develop innovative approaches to improve decision making to ensure that patients are well –informed of available alternatives and to help providers effectively communicate complex medical information to their patients in a manageable way.

Selected Publications

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