John Concato, MD

Professor of Medicine (General Medicine); Director, Clinical Epidemiology Research Center, VA Connecticut HealthCare System

Departments & Organizations

Internal Medicine: General Internal Medicine | Rheumatology, Allergy, & Clinical Immunology

Faculty Research

Medical Informatics, Yale Center for

Office of Cooperative Research


Dr. Concato has conducted numerous research projects evaluating the effectiveness of screening for prostate cancer and has helped to refine observational methods for evaluating screening tests in general. Other work, focusing on methods of patient-oriented research, compared the results of observational studies and randomized trials and found evidence (confirmed by other groups) contradicting suggestions of a simple “research design hierarchy.” Various studies have assessed prognosis in prostate cancer and clarified the use of multivariable analysis in analyzing data in patient-oriented research. As Director of the VA Clinical Epidemiology Research Center, ongoing work includes a portfolio of projects in the VA Cooperative Studies Program. In particular, he is one of two Principal Investigators on the VA Million Veteran Program that is developing a mega-biobank for genomic studies. Dr. Concato collaborates widely with other investigators across medical specialties, and he also mentors numerous trainees.

Education & Training

MD New York University (1985)
Fellow Yale University School of Medicine
Resident New York University School of Medicine

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