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Dr. Vincent Quagliarello, Vice Chair for Education and Academic Affairs and Professor of Medicine in Infectious Diseases

The Yale Department of Internal Medicine’s Research-in-Residency Program was created and is directed by Dr. Vincent Quagliarello, Vice Chair for Education and Academic Affairs and Professor of Medicine in Infectious Diseases. Oversight for implementation of this program is provided by core faculty members Dr. Suleyman Felek and Dr. Medhat Ghaly.


The mission of the Research-in-Residency Program is to provide the opportunity for residents to pursue a research project during residency. It is the strong opinion of the Yale Department of Internal Medicine that having this opportunity will enhance the critical thinking skills of the resident as a bedside clinician.


Research mentor relationships with faculty in the 11 academic sections of The Department of Internal Medicine can be established upon starting residency through collaboration with Dr. Quagliarello. Many of our residents have also independently found their own mentor in the academic section of their interest.

Up to 4 weeks per academic year can be dedicated towards research. After a research mentor commits to working with a resident, residents must submit a comprehensive research proposal before having a research block approved.

All residents in the three-year categorical program are required to complete a scholarly activity project during residency. These projects can consist of case reports, literature reviews, curriculum development, or hypothesis-driven research.

Aims of the Program

The primary goals of the resident scholarship requirement are to enhance the critical thinking skills of the residents as bedside clinicians, to facilitate scholarly thinking, creativity, to appreciate the excitement in creating new knowledge in medicine, and to broaden the scholarly sophistication of all elements of the residency program (i.e., morning reports, peer teaching, work rounds, noon conferences, etc.).

Interns will be taught how to write a clinical vignette abstract that they can submit to various local, state, and national conferences. Residents are also encouraged to develop a more in-depth scholarly project during their PGY-2 and PGY-3 years. Projects can be in hypothesis-driven research, curriculum development, or quality improvement.

Please refer to the information below to see some of our residents’ publications since our program’s inception.

2020 Publications

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