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T - Fun Things To Do Around New Haven

February 09, 2017
by Corey R. O'Brien and Phillip Nickerson

Let me set the scene. It is a crisp Fall morning in New Haven. Students clutch their books and coffee as they walk briskly to the class. Star-crossed lovers holding hands stare into each others eyes, excited at a new adventure, while old friends watch the time fade fast together as surely as the autumn leaves. The local flora BURSTS forth in golden color, pumpkins ripen in the patch, and fauna buzz with excitement. On days like these, I often find myself ambulating to the "Old Campus," or as it is more colloquially known - the Yale Quad - to throw a frisbee 'round with fellow intern Phillip Nickerson. There is no better way to exercise than running across a 300 year-old campus in pursuit of the whirring frisbee, which rumor has it was invented on this same hallowed terra firma. Locals often stop and admire our athletic prowess as we throw our bodies into difficult aerial contortions. Young and old alike dream with wistful eyes of what it would be like to earn a spot on the Yale Internal Medicine intramural ultimate frisbee team (season to start in the spring!). After a lively ten minutes of activity, Phil and I often lie down, exhaling mightily through pursed lips - heck, at times even tripoding! - and enjoy the radiance of the sun at its zenith while taking in the cool breeze. It is at times like these that one realizes what it means to be truly well.

Submitted by Camila Odio on February 09, 2017