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E - Peabody Museum

February 09, 2017
by Lauren Pischel

Do you want to go find your inner science nerd, wander around specimens that vary from jarred hook worms collected in the Civil War to delicately arranged coral and of course a Hall of Dinosaurs. Well then, the Peabody may be quite a lovely excursion for you. They also recently opened up on the upper floors to show a massive exhibition of gems. By massive I mean gems that are the size of people. They are unlike anything I've every seen before. Some less traveled portions of the museum also show the evolution of vertebrates where you can learn about giant sloths and giant camels. There is also well-curated exhibit on the evolution of man through different fossils and famous dig sites outlined on the floor as well as a homage to Jurassic park. Apparently the drawings used in the hall of Dinosaurs and subsequent models at the Peabody helped provide inspiration for the block buster movie design of raptors and the like. Other perks: the gift shop provides some nice décor incase you are needed to decorate an apartment. If you visit during the week be warned there may be large groups of many school children running about.

Submitted by Camila Odio on February 09, 2017