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The Measure of a Residency

December 11, 2016
by Mark David Siegel

Hi everyone:

Congratulations again to those of you who matched into fellowship this week. Your accomplishments reflect well on our residency and on each of you individually. In the aftermath of 37 letters of recommendation, I know why Fellowship Directors were so enthralled:

1. You are marvelous clinicians: You come from a rigorous residency. You care for a challenging population with complex illnesses. If you can diagnose, treat, and comfort patients at Yale, you can succeed anywhere.

2. You are prolific scholars: With each passing year, more and more of you generate new information, present your data at national meetings, and publish in prominent journals. Success in programs like Research in Residency shows you have the drive and potential to thrive academically.

3. You are outstanding teachers: I have ample opportunity to quote your interns and students, praising the way you role model and teach them the art of medicine.

4. You are exceptional citizens: Your contributions show fellowships that you will enrich their programs. Your work on committees, your dedication to voluntary clinics, your help with recruitment, your participation on sports teams and at arts events, and your contributions to survival guides and journal clubs—and so much more—make Fellowship Directors want to harness your energy. Your talents make us the vibrant community we are, and your commitment pays off tremendously during recruitment.

5. You are magnificent people: Fellowship Directors anticipate spending lots of time with you. They notice when I say you're energetic, funny, generous, warm, empathic, creative, and kind. Who wouldn’t want people like you in their programs?

We can take the measure of our residency in countless ways- in the spectacular care we provide each day, in the success of our recruitment, in the quality of our research and teaching, and in our commitment to high ideals. But this week I'll bask in your success. There’s no way to stop smiling.

Enjoy your Sunday!


PS: More pictures. I remain friends with many of my co-residents, as I’m sure you will with your colleagues, and I just came across my Intern picture from 1988. You can easily identify me (under my name), but see if you can find another Yale faculty member in my class! The first person to respond wins!


Submitted by Mark David Siegel on December 11, 2016