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Preliminary Track Interview Dates

333 Cedar Street, Sterling Hall of Medicine (Beaumont Room, 2nd Floor, L221-A)

We do not require interviews for the preliminary track. We will offer an information session for those that would like additional information about the preliminary year.

Contact for Internal Medicine-Traditional Program Preliminary Track Applicants

Nicole Potter (Contact for Preliminary Track Applicants to the Internal Medicine-Traditional Residency Program)
Nicole Potter joined the Yale Department of Internal Medicine Staff Team in 2010 as our Registrar for the Yale Internal Medicine Residency Programs and who also coordinates our preliminary track applicant interview days for the Yale Internal Medicine-Traditional Residency Program.

Please contact Nicole (see below or see Contact Us) with any questions you may have about the preliminary track applicant interview days.

Nicole Potter
Registrar Yale Internal Medicine Residency Programs
Phone: (203) 785-7948
Fax: (203) 785-3922