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Intern Orientation: June 11-20, 2021

The Yale Department of Internal Medicine-Education new Intern Orientation for the Yale Internal Medicine-Traditional Residency Program begins on Friday, June 11, 2021.More details will come about what sessions will be virtual and in person.

  • Participation by all new interns in daily Intern Orientation Activities from June 11 through June 20 is mandatory.
  • Each new intern will receive their Intern Orientation Schedule from Brett Marks a day or so before June 11.
  • Please contact Brett Marks, the Yale Internal Medicine-Traditional Residency Program Coordinator, with any concerns or questions about Intern Orientation.
  • Office: Due to the pandemic, email is the best mode of communication at this time.

Clinical block rotations for new AY2021-2022 interns begin Monday, June 21, 2021 with pre-rounds in the morning.

VA Forms: New Interns to complete and return by March 22, 2021

Return your all VA application forms and additional documents no later than March 23, 2021 to our Yale Internal Medicine Registrar via email.

One option to send your documents:

1) EMAIL VA application forms.