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The list below highlights some of the projects that the Wellness Committee supports to build community and foster an environment where residents can thrive. Our goal is to develop resilience among residents in this exciting and challenging phase of training and life. We are always looking for fresh ideas- come help us support resident wellness! On instagram? Follow along with our fun: @yim_wellness

Mental Health Support

Professional mental health resources are available to house staff at all times and residents receive weekly emails with reminders about how to access resources. The Employee and Family Resource Program regularly offers opportunities to connect residents to family and mental health support resources. Additionally, each resident is offered a number of free and confidential counseling sessions to help ease connection to regular mental health support. The Chief Residents are on call 24/7 and are available to connect residents with available resources.

Class Retreats

The program sponsors annual retreats for each class to encourage team-building and celebrate a successful year. The program provides coverage for everyone on their appointed retreat days so we all get a much-deserved break and day of relaxation.

Color Block Events

We operate on a 6+2 system, meaning residents and interns are scheduled to be in clinic every 6 weeks. (6 weeks of inpatient/elective time, followed by 2 weeks of outpatient time.) Each group of residents in clinic during the same two weeks is assigned a color block, which becomes a “home base.” The program sponsors annual Color Block Retreats as a time for residents to spend time together in a social setting and debrief about residency life. Additionally, each color block has Wellness Chairs who help coordinate social events while residents are on clinic blocks and have free weekends. Past and planned events include grill-outs, game nights, hikes, brunch, and ski trips!

Wellness Curriculum

We offer a resident-developed and led curriculum covering many of the challenges residents encounter in training with a focus on developing coping tools to minimize burnout and help everyone thrive. Topics include navigating hierarchy and team dynamics, cultivating self-compassion and resilience, imposter syndrome, staying connected to joy and purpose in medicine, living a balanced life and preventing burnout, and coping with end-of-life issues and grief.

Wellness Committee

The Wellness Committee is dedicated to addressing the well-being of our resident family by hosting events that nurture the many branches of wellness – emotional, environmental, intellectual, physical, and social. Most notable for promoting color block bonding events and reflection activities.
Contact Anna Qian, Jess Petrov, Ysa Ilagan-Ying, or Koeun Choi to get involved.

Annual Program Director’s Fall Hike

Every year, our program director Dr. Siegel leads a hike with the residents at Sleeping Giant State Park to enjoy the beautiful New England landscape and get some cardio, then end the day with a well-deserved meal with new and old friends.


An amazing program started by our own Laura Glick to provide a confidential, safe space to talk through concerns. Some examples of when you could use DocTalk: Having bad day at work/home, feel uncomfortable with a situation at work/home, overwhelmed with a rotation, want to vent to someone who understands residency life. See this flyer for more details!