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Wellness Activities


The list below highlights some of the projects that the Wellness Committee supports to build community, minimize burnout, and foster an environment where residents can thrive. Our goal is to develop resilience among the residents in this challenging phase of training and life. We are always looking for fresh ideas- come help us support Wellness. On instagram? Follow along with our fun: @yim_wellness

Class Retreats

Annual retreats for each class funded by the program to encourage team-building and celebrate a successful year. The program provides coverage for everyone on their appointed retreat days so we all get a much-deserved break and day of relaxation.

Wellness Curriculum

A resident-developed and led curriculum covering many of the problems residents encounter in training with a focus on developing coping tools to minimize burnout and help everyone thrive. Topics include navigating hierarchy and team dynamics, cultivating self-compassion and shame resilience, imposter syndrome, staying connected to joy and purpose in medicine, living a balanced life and preventing burnout, and coping with end-of-life issues and grief.

Annual Program Director’s Fall Hike

Hiking with Dr. Siegel at Sleeping Giant State Park to enjoy the beautiful New England landscape and get some cardio. Followed by a delicious brunch together or other food-related activity.

Wellness visits

An opt-out program offered to all incoming residents. Housestaff are given the opportunity to meet with a mental health professional associated with the Employee and Family Resource Program to learn about services they provide and find out about opportunities in the area related to each resident’s interests. Each resident is offered 6 free and confidential counseling sessions.

Holiday party

Annual party in the midst of winter to boost our spirits. Gives everyone an excuse to dress up, dance, enjoy delicious food, and have fun together.

Call-A-Friend Program

Developed by the GME office for all of the residency and fellowship training programs. Trains peer volunteers to be “Friends” anyone can look up and call in times of need to talk through problems, hang out, and get connected with services to improve wellbeing and mental or psychological health.

Ambulatory Block Social Events

Funded by the Wellness Committee and organized by each clinic block’s Wellness Leaders to provide a social event open to all once every two weeks. Past and planned events include grill-outs, game nights, hikes, brunch, Halloween party, wine and cheese nights, and more!

Intramural Sports

There are many sports teams including soccer, volleyball, and ultimate Frisbee who meet regularly for games. Of course you can always start your own new teams for another sport as well!

Yale Senate Wellness Council

Organized at the GME level. Organizes social events on the “First Friday” of every month including spinning and yoga classes, social gatherings in downtown, and more. Also organizes an annual “Solidarity Night” for all of the residents and fellows.