Michael Breen, MD, PhD

Hospital Resident


Mike grew up in southeastern Massachusetts interested in becoming a veterinarian. He went to undergrad at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, where his interests veered towards molecular biology. He joined the MD/PhD program at Northwestern University in 2006. He completed his thesis in the lab of Dr. Raymond Bergan studying the regulation of prostate cancer metastasis via TGF-beta receptor signaling, focusing on the accessory receptor endoglin. Between M3 & M4, Mike had the good fortune to work at the Northwestern Medicine Developmental Therapeutics Institute, a center involved in early phase clinical trials for cancer patients. He is an aspiring oncologist, with visions of designing and conducting clinical trials that bring molecular analysis of individual patients’ tumors into the clinic.

Education & Training

MD Northwestern Unviersity Feinberg School of Medicine (2016)
PhD Northwestern Unviersity Feinberg School of Medicine, Molecular Biology (2013)

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