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Veterans Administration Health Care System

  • Medical Teams at the VA: There are 4 General Internal Medicine Teams and an Intensive Care Unit that admits both general medical and cardiac patients in need of intensive care.
  • Team Structure and Call Schedule at the VA:
    • General Internal Medicine Teams: Each of the 4 teams consists of 2 residents (PGY-2 or PGY-3) and two interns (or 1 intern and two sub interns). The call schedule on the general internal medicine teams is different from that on medical teams at the York Street Campus at Yale. Resident-intern teams admit every fourth day. Senior residents stay in-house for a 24+4-hour call every fourth day, joined by a nighttime intern.
    • Intensive Care Unit Rotation: The ICU rotation provides excellent experience, by the very nature of its structure being one intern, one resident, one fellow and one Attending Physician team and admits both general and cardiac intensive care unit patients.
    • Medicine Consultation Service: Third year residents who have outpatient clinic at the VA spend 2-weeks covering the Medicine Consultation Service at the VA. Residents are taught to evaluate a variety of acute medical problems that arise on patients admitted to other services such as surgery, neurology and psychiatry. Resident will also see patients in clinic to perform preoperative evaluation and cardiac risk of stratification. Call residents cover the medicine consultation service overnight and on weekends.
  • Teaching on the VA Inpatient Rotation: This is very similar to that described for the Beeson Service a Yale. Attending rounds are held two to three times per week. Resident and Intern Reports are run by the Chief Resident at the VA with core faculty present. In addition to case-based reports, there are also weekly reports that focus on literature review and incorporating evidence-based medicine into every-day practice. Daily noon conferences at the VA are held on a variety of topics led by our VA faculty who are faculty of one of the Yale Department of Internal Medicine Sections (i.e. General Medicine, Infectious Diseases, Nephrology, Pulmonary, etc.) or other Yale Departments (i.e. Neurology, Psychiatry, etc.).