Team Structure and Call Schedule

  • Each team at Yale, with the exception of our Geriatrics team (the Kushlan team), has two residents (two PGY-2 or two PGY-3 residents or one of each) and two interns (or 1 intern and 2 sub interns). These four-person medical teams allow the interns and residents to have one-to-one pairing of intern and resident while on call, but also enables the exchange of ideas among the supervising PGY-2 or PGY-3 residents both on work rounds and at other times and of shared responsibility when an intern or resident is home post call, in clinic or on the day off. The Kushlan team structure is different consisting of 2 residents and 3 interns. Each resident admits every other day with 2 interns assuring 4 patients are admitted to the service daily during a working day shift and all team members go home in the evening signing out to a night float for coverage overnight.
  • Call is every fourth night on all rotations on the medical floors and in the MICU. The Kushlan service will admit a small number of patients every day and will not take overnight call. The CCU service will have call every third night.