Rotations on the Yale Beeson Service

A great deal of learning occurs, as it appropriately should, at the bedside while admitting and caring for patients under the supervision of supervising residents and Attending Physicians. Teaching in invaluable small bites happens as well on Work Rounds each morning. However, the other forms of teaching on inpatient rotations occur on Attending Rounds, Firm Chief’s Rounds, Morning Report and Teaching conferences.

  • Attending Rounds by Attending of Record: Attending rounds are held on every inpatient rotation. Occasionally, the Attending Physician of Record might invite a subspecialist, often a clinician scientist, to take Attending Rounds, one of many ways in which our housestaff are exposed to basic and clinical scientists.
  • Firm Chiefs’ Attending Rounds: In addition to the Attending Rounds held by each team’s Attending of Record, at Yale, once a week Firm Chiefs’ Attending Rounds are held on the Internal Medicine Firm and the Donaldson Firm by the Firm Chiefs of those firms, on cases admitted to those teams. The major emphasis of these Firm Chiefs’ Attending Rounds is to teach housestaff through example how data gathered from the patient’s history and physical examination can be analyzed in order to arrive at a diagnosis and management plan. Frequently, the Firm Chiefs will invite an “expert” on the patient’s disease, again often a clinician scientist, to discuss pathophysiology or answer questions on evidence based management. The Generalist Firm also has a weekly Firm Conference at which time the inpatient team is joined by the ambulatory members of the team to discuss cases as they transition between the inpatient and outpatient arenas.