The Firm Structure

For purposes of teaching some of the teams are organized into firms and the Firms Chiefs for each firm are listed below.

Coronary Care Unit (CCU)

  • Firm Chief: Joseph Brennan, Associate Professor of Medicine (Cardiology)

Cooney Firm (Geriatrics)

  • Firm Chief: Dr. Lisa Walke, Associate Professor of Medicine (Geriatrics)

Donaldson Firm (HIV/Infectious Diseases)

  • Firm Chief: Dr. Merceditas Villanueva, Associate Professor of Medicine (AIDS)

Fitkin Firm (General Medicine)

  • Firm Chief: Dr. Lynn Fiellin, Associate Professor of Medicine (General Medicine) and in the Child Study Center
  • Firm Chief: Dr. Janine Evans, Associate Professor of Medicine (Rheumatology)

Duffy Firm (Hematology)

  • Firm Chief: Dr. Thomas Prebet, Associate Professor

Generalist Firm (General Medicine)

  • Firm Chief: Dr. Patrick G. O'Connor, Dan and Amanda '97 Adams Professor of General Medicine and Section Chief, General Internal Medicine
  • Firm Chief: Dr. Robert Fogerty, Associate Professor of Medicine (General Medicine)

Goodyer Firm (Cardiology)

  • Firm Chief: Dr. Lynda Rosenfeld, Professor of Medicine (Cardiology)

Klatskin Firm (Liver)

  • Firm Chief: Dr. Michael Nathanson, Gladys Phillips Crofoot Professor of Medicine (Digestive Diseases) and Professor of Cell Biology
  • Firm Chief: Dr. Sofia (Simona) Jakab, Assistant Professor of Medicine (Digestive Diseases)

MICU - York Street Campus

  • Firm Chief: Dr. Jonathan Siner, Associate Professor Term (Pulmonary)

MICU - Saint Raphael Campus

  • Firm Chief: Dr. Aydin Pinar, Clinician in Medicine (Pulmonary)

Oncology Firm

  • Firm Chief: Dr. Tara Sanft, Assistant Professor of Medicine (Medical Oncology)

Peters Firm (Renal)

  • Firm Chief: Dr. Ursula Brewster, Associate Professor of Medicine (Nephrology)
  • Co-Director: Dr. Olukemi Akande, Assistant Clinical Professor (Internal Medicine)

Stepdown Unit

  • Firm Chief: Dr. Peter Marshall, Assistant Professor of Medicine (Pulmonary)

VA Firm (General Medicine)

  • Firm Chief: Dr. Michael Kozal, Professor of Medicine (AIDS)

Verdi 5 North (General Medicine) - Saint Raphael Campus

  • Firm Chief: Dr. Andre Sofair, Professor
  • Firm Chief: Dr. Jeremy Schwartz, Assistant Professor of Medicine (General Medicine)