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Why Yale?

Testimonials from our Residents

The Welcoming Committee collected a sampling of reflections from our current interns/residents for medical students applying to our Yale Internal Medicine-Traditional Residency Program. A few resident reflection highlights are below.

Maria Paula Diaz Soto, MD, PGY3:

“Whenever I am asked why I chose Yale, my answer is always “the people”. When was thinking about how tough residency will be, I wanted a place where I would feel supported and I have felt a sense of belonging since my first day here. There is no doubt that the training is superb and the research opportunities are vast, but more importantly, the people here are genuinely nice and friendly. I like to say that being at Yale is like being with family, and there is honestly no place I would rather be.”

Kelly Hager, MD, PGY3:

“Yale is a special place. The depth of available clinical and research experiences are fantastic, and the enthusiasm among attendings and professors for innovation and medical education is palpable. Above all - what an amazing group of people! I am constantly impressed by the authentic kindness, compassion and respect I witness (in both co-residents and faculty) which fosters a supportive and nurturing community that encourages each other to be brave in pursuit of their goals.”

Thomas Holowka, MD, PGY3:

“The faculty and program leadership at Yale are dedicated to providing us with the best training possible with a remarkably diverse clinical experience, excellent academic curriculum and limitless opportunities in research and medical education. My co-residents are amazing, always down to earth and fun to work with despite all their impressive accomplishments. I also love living in New Haven with its college town feel and ease of getting out and exploring the rest of New England. I wish everyone could feel as fortunate as me to end up at a place that gives them everything they could want from a residency program.”

Golsa Joodi, MD, PGY3:

“On my interview day for Yale, I immediately felt a sense of belonging and family among the housestaff. After two years here, I feel my family has just grown larger and closer. At Yale, providing compassionate care is appreciated and valued, which has made patient care a truly gratifying experience every day. If you love medicine, taking care of patients, and having a big family of friends and colleagues, you will have an amazing time during your residency at Yale!”

Justin Pacor, MD, PGY3:

“What attracted me to Yale was a group of residents that seemed to truly care about one another and their program. Now, as a PGY3, I am happy to say that remains true and that the community is even stronger than when I first joined it.”