Why Yale?

Testimonials from our Residents

The Welcoming Committee collected a sampling of reflections from our current interns/residents for medical students applying to our Yale Internal Medicine-Traditional Residency Program.  A few resident reflection highlights are below.

Dr. Ama Ray, PGY1:

Dr. Ama Ray, PGY1
"Kindness is a defining feature of our program. We are taught to respond with compassion and patience if someone is short-tempered, as we do not know their troubles."

Dr. Nicolette Rodriguez, PGY2:

"Being at Yale as an intern has truly been an amazing experience. The support and collegiality among residents is an environment unlike what I have ever seen or been a part of. As an intern the emphasis that my residents have had on my own work-life balance and wellness is more than I could ever have imagined."

Dr. Roger Kim, PGY3:

"For me, the question isn't necessarily why I chose Yale, but why I've wanted to stay at Yale. Ever since coming to Yale as an 18-year-old college freshman in 2006, I have been amazed at how such a large, world-renowned institution manages to maintain a small community atmosphere. Throughout my time as an undergrad and as a medical student, I have made lifelong friends, worked with tirelessly supportive mentors, and made the city of New Haven my home."