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Why Yale?

Testimonials from our Residents

The Welcoming Committee collected a sampling of reflections from our current interns/residents for medical students applying to our Yale Internal Medicine-Traditional Residency Program. A few resident reflection highlights are below.

Even though I had never been in New Haven, nor directly knew anyone in the program, I felt right at home since the first minute I visited Yale. The warmth of the people, collegial environment, countless academic opportunities and brilliant yet incredibly humble house staff welcomed me with open arms. I felt embraced and appreciated for who I was, and I continue to feel like that every day. I don’t think there’s a place that can compare to Yale!

Natalia Tijaro Ovalle (PGY-3)

When looking for the ideal residency, I was primarily looking for a program that focused on cultivating a well-rounded physician and Yale was the perfect fit. Our program provides support across the spectrum. Yale attracts residents who want value diverse interests and that truly sets our program apart. Every day I’m learning something new from my friends/co-workers at it makes my job so fulfilling.

Ramya Kaushik (PGY-3)

Yale is no doubt the residency program you want to be at. You'll be supported like nowhere else on whatever you want to do. People have developed here as amazing clinicians, researchers, advocates, and much more. Friends are abounding. Resources are endless. I am very happy here and extremely grateful to be a Yale resident. Connecticut is also a lovely place to be with so much to see and do, and if you're so inclined New York and Boston are only a short train ride away!

Matheus Simonato dos Santos (PGY-2)

Yale already felt like an easy choice for me being from Connecticut originally; however, after interview day, I knew it was the perfect place for me to continue my training in Internal Medicine. Everyone you meet here has a team-based mentality and collaborative approach to medicine. I was able to be connected to my research mentor in the first month of residency, which has led to a fruitful relationship that will likely last many years and has really helped me to be competitive for fellowship positions. Lastly, my co-residents make the program! They are fun (inside and outside of the hospital), hardworking, and dedicated.

Louis Levine (PGY-3)