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Ambulatory Objectives

Skills and Behaviors

Residents will:

  • Evaluate and manage patients with the range of problems encountered by primary care physicians
  • Address health care maintenance issues for adult patients
  • Cultivate the robust set of physical examination skills essential to the practice of outpatient internal medicine
  • Perform primary care procedures, such as joint injection, skin biopsy, and dermatologic cryotherapy
  • Demonstrate communication skills necessary for effective medical interviewing and patient counseling
  • Orchestrate the longitudinal care of primary care patients, including follow-up, telephone medicine, and collaboration with consultants, nutritionists, social workers and various community services
  • Develop systems to convert their emerging information needs into well-formed clinical questions and to efficiently acquire, appraise, and apply medical information
  • Exemplify the highest standards of ethics in patient, professional, and interpersonal interactions
  • Efficiently provide patient-centered care as part of an interprofessional team within a practice microsystem
  • Accurately document and code for care provided in an electronic medical record


Residents will:

  • Understand the presentation, evaluation, and management strategies of chronic diseases and acute illnesses encountered by primary care physicians
  • Understand the basic principles for interpreting diagnostic tests, including probability revision and cost-effectiveness
  • Understand the health care system in the United States and Connecticut (and proposed reforms) and its impact on the provision of primary care
  • Appreciate core values of the Patient Centered Medical Home care model


Residents will:

  • Appreciate the rewards and responsibilities of assuming the primary care of a group of patients, including the importance of patient advocacy
  • Consider their role as primary care physicians in the larger contexts of medicine in general, society, and their family and social networks