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Medical Education Scholarship

Each Clinician Educator Distinction resident is required to complete a medical education project and present their work for dissemination at Yale and/or a local, regional, or national conference.

  • For new CED residents looking for scholarship projects, please see the Faculty Mentors Project List for a database of faculty members who have ongoing education projects amenable to resident participation, as well as a sample list of current CED resident projects.
  • Please note that your research project is not required to come from the above list! For those of you who have a different idea, please feel free to meet with your CED advisor to discuss and get suggestions regarding potential scholarship mentors.

Scholarship project proposal deadline January 13, 2023:

  • New CED-1 residents should submit a project proposal to their faculty advisors by December 1st. Scholarship Proposal templates
  • CED-2 residents with up-and-running research projects: please send a brief (< 1 page) summary of your project, where it currently stands, and your expectations for venue of presentation this academic year.

Project Funding: Several funding sources are available for residents who may need additional monetary support for their projects. Links for several of these grant opportunities are below:

Research / Medical Education Scholarship Resources: For additional research resources, please visit the following websites:

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