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Yale Rheumatology State-of-the-Art Symposium Returns in 2022

October 12, 2021
by Jane E. Dee

Although the pandemic has precluded in-person gatherings, a virtual international meeting was convened in the spring of 2021 to inaugurate what will become the annual Yale Rheumatology State-of-the-Art Symposia.

Led by Clinical Chief Vai Chowdhary, (rheumatology) with the participation of Richard Bucala, MD, PhD, chief of the Section of Rheumatology, Allergy, & Immunology, and Robert Schoen, MD, MBA as overall director, the symposium will return on May 18, 2022 on the topic of Reactive Arthritis, Post-Infectious Inflammatory Disease, and Lessons for COVID-19. The first meeting on May 19, 2021, covered Pre-autoimmunity and the Prevention of Rheumatic Diseases, with multidisciplinary research and clinical experts reviewing the conceptual basis and the available clinical data for implementing preventive strategies in rheumatoid arthritis and systemic lupus erythematosus. Authorities in type 1 diabetes and multiple sclerosis also contributed their experience with similar approaches to those autoimmune conditions.

“Recent progress in our understanding of the development of autoimmunity suggests the opportunity of intervening in the earliest ‘pre-clinical phase’ of autoimmune rheumatic diseases to prevent progression to symptomatic and tissue-destructive disease,” Bucala said.

The Section of Rheumatology, Allergy & Immunology is one of the eleven academic sections within YSM’s Department of Internal Medicine. To learn more about its work, visit Rheumatology, Allergy & Immunology.

Submitted by Jane E. Dee on October 12, 2021