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Andrey Zinchuk, MD, MHS

Assistant Professor; Director, Advanced Apnea Management Program; Director, Yale Sleep Fellowship Didactic and Research Curriculum, Internal Medicine, PCCSM; Director, Upper Airway Neurostimulation Program; Section of Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine



After working as a chemical engineer, I completed my medical school training at University of Connecticut and have found the intersection between disciplines to be an exciting area for patient care and research. I have trained in internal medicine, neurology, pulmonary, critical care and sleep medicine and am now focused on caring for patients with sleep disorders and those who are critically ill.

Patient care: My goal is to provide the kind of care that I would want for my own family. I believe in taking the time to hear the patient and being a guide in their journey in health and illness. In the clinic, my focus is on caring for patients with sleep disorders and in particular, individuals with complex sleep disordered breathing.

Research: My aim is to improve the lives of people with sleep disordered breathing. My colleagues and I hope to do so by identifying subgroups (phenotypes) of sleep apnea patients with unique physiology, prognoses and treatment responsiveness, as well as through development of novel, effective and tolerable treatments.

Service: I am working to mitigate the consequences of Russia's war on the health of Ukrainian people. Along with other Yale colleagues with Ukrainian roots, we co-founded Doctors United for Ukraine, a non-profit organization focused on critical care, mental and women's health of vulnerable populations in Ukraine. Doctors United for Ukraine – Dwight Hall at Yale

Mentors: Klar Yaggi MD, MPH, Andrew Wellman, MD, PhD (Harvard), Scott Sands, PhD (Harvard), Nancy Redeker, RN, PhD (UCONN)

Education & Training

  • MHS
    Yale University (2018)
  • Fellow, Sleep Medicine
    Yale University (2017)
  • Fellow, Pulmonary & Critical Care
    Yale University (2016)
  • Chief Medical Resident
    Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Boston Veterans Affairs Medical Center (2013)
  • Resident, Internal Medicine
    Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Harvard University (2012)
  • Resident, Neurology
    Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Harvard University (2010)
  • Intern, Internal Medicine
    Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Harvard University (2009)
  • MD
    University of Connecticut (2008)
  • BS
    Lehigh University (2000)


  • Sleep Clinic 2030: Big Data, Wearables and Deep Learning Change Sleep Medicine
    Creator and Chair of Symposium 2020
  • Physiological Phenotypes of OSA
    Virtual meeting presentation 2020
  • 1. A. Zinchuk, H. K. Yaggi, J. Liang, J. Chu, S. Op de Beeck, C. Stepnowsky, D. Wellman, Y. Peker, S. A. Sands. Physiologic OSA Traits and CPAP Adherence Among Patients With Coronary Artery Disease And OSA
    Virtual oral presentation 2020
  • A. Zinchuk, H. K. Yaggi, J. Liang, J. Chu, S. Op de Beeck, C. Stepnowsky, D. Wellman, Y. Peker, S. A. Sands. Physiologic Traits Predict Therapeutic Pressure Requirements and Residual Respiratory Events Among Patients with Coronary Artery Disease and Obstructive Sleep Apnea
    Virtual poster presentation 2020
  • A. Zinchuk, H.K. Yaggi, J. Concato, S. Jeon, D. Bravata, A. Wellman, S. Sands. “Low arousal threshold correlates with reduced continuous positive airway pressure use in non-obese individuals with obstructive sleep apnea and stroke, RaPID oral poster presentation
    Dallas, United States 2020
  • Phenotypes of Sleep Apnea: Implications for Precision Medicine
    Osaka, Japan 2019
  • "Physiologic Subtypes of Obstructive Sleep Apnea” in course of “OSA Diagnosis and Management"
    Vancouver, Canada 2019
  • Subjective data: questionnaires” panel discussion leader in “Sleep-circadian Informatics Data Harmonization
    Vancouver, Canada 2019
  • OSA Physiology and Personalized Medicine: Beyond the AHI
    Norwalk, United States 2019
  • Co-Chair, “Upper Airway Stimulation for Sleep Disordered Breathing
    San Antonio, United States 2019
  • Clinical and Polysomnographic OSA Phenotypes
    San Antonio, United States 2019
  • A Look to the Future of Sleep. Use of Novel Technologies and Software Analysis
    Dallas, United States 2019
  • A. Zinchuk, H.K. Yaggi, J. Concato, A. Wellman, E. Smales, L. Hess, J. Denos, Y. Peker, S. Sands. Effect of arousal scoring on reliability of automated, non-invasive phenotyping of physiologic sleep apnea traits from polysomnography
    Dallas, United States 2019
  • 5. B. Cade, J. Lee, S. Gharib, D. Gottlieb, K. He, D. Hillman, J. Liang, … A. Zinchuk, R. Saxena, S. Purcell, X. Zhu, S. Redline. Shared Genetic Architecture Between Sleep and Blood Pressure Traits in Humans
    Dallas, United States 2019
  • Sleep Apnea Phenotypes
    Springfield, United States 2018
  • Clinical Implications of Sleep Apnea Phenotypes
    New York, United States 2018
  • Polysomnographic Sleep Apnea Phenotypes
    San Antonio, United States 2018
  • Clinical Sleep Apnea Phenotypes and Cardiovascular Disease
    San Diego, United States 2018
  • Novel physiologic predictors of adherence to PAP: NICEPAP study
    Boston, United States 2018
  • Patient-Centered Outcomes in Sleep-Disordered Breathing
    Baltimore, United States 2018
  • Zinchuk, A., Koo, B., Jeon, S., Yaggi, H.K.. High Frequency of PLMS is Associated with Increased Risk Of Incident Cardiovascular Events and Death Among OSA Patients
    Baltimore, United States 2018
  • Trivedi V, Zinchuk A, Qin L, Bravata DM, Strohl KP, Selim BJ, Yaggi HK. A Composite Model of Commonly Derived Polysomnographic Variables Predicts Risk of Cardiovascular Outcomes Better Than the Apnea Hypopnea Index Alone
    Baltimore, United States 2018
  • Shoajee, A., Yaggi, K., Siner, J., Zang, W., Zinchuk, A. “Obstructive sleep apnea increases the risk of diastolic heart failure: results of a large population study
    San Diego, United States 2018
  • Polysomnographic phenotypes in obstructive sleep apnoea and their cardiovascular implications
    London, United Kingdom 2017
  • Continuous vs. Auto-Positive Airway Pressure: Does It Matter
    Toronto, Canada 2017
  • Phenotyping in OSA: Leveraging Physiology for Patient Outcomes
    Tucson, United States 2017
  • Phenotyping in OSA: Approaches and Examples
    Boston, United States 2017
  • Zinchuk, A., Edwards, B., Jeon, S., Yaggi, K. Arousal threshold, obesity, age and race predict CPAP use among U.S. Veterans with OSA
    Boston, United States 2017
  • Brady, V., Zinchuk, A., Possick, J. TB or not TB: That is the Question
    Washington, United States 2017
  • Zinchuk, A., Yaggi, H., Thomas, R., Redeker, N. ECG-derived spectrogram measures of sleep quality, insomnia and functional outcomes among patients with heart failure
    Denver, United States 2016
  • Zinchuk, A., Koo, B., Jeon, S., Redeker, N., Concato, J., Yaggi, H. Clinically Relevant Phenotypes of Obstructive Sleep Apnea
    San Francisco, United States 2016
  • Zinchuk, A., Bravata, D., Shah, N., Koo, B., Won, C., Qin, L., Jeon, S., Redeker, N., Mohsenin, V., Selim, M., Kingman, S., Concato, J., Yaggi, H. The Apnea-CV Risk Score: A Simple Prognostic Tool for Cardiovascular Events and Mortality Among Patients with Sleep-Disordered Breathing
    Denver, United States 2015
  • Bazan I, Zinchuk A, Mohsenin V, Homer R, Fares W. Unique Cause Of A Lung Mass In A Patient With AIDS
    Denver, United States 2015
  • Zinchuk, A. A Novel Sleep Apnea Treatment: A Wearable Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Device
    New Haven, United States 2014
  • Zinchuk, A., Boosalis, V., M.D., Brahma, P., Saukkonen, J. Simultaneous mantle cell lymphoma and undifferentiated carcinoma presenting as pleural studding and effusion
    Chicago, United States 2013
  • Zinchuk, A., Wood, C., Mietus, J., Thomas, R. ECG-based Cardiopulmonary Coupling Sleep Indices as Markers for the Impact of Obstructive Sleep Apnea on Neurocognition
    Boston, United States 2012
  • Impact of the Chornobyl Disaster Perceptions on the Reproductive Health of Ukrainian Women
    Amsterdam, Netherlands 2007
  • Zinchuk, A., Schensul, S., Bogatyryova, H., Gnateyko, O. Impact of the Chornobyl Disaster Perceptions on the Reproductive Health of Ukrainian Women
    Amsterdam, Netherlands 2007

Honors & Recognition

AwardAwarding OrganizationDate
Top Author for 2020 Review Articles, recognized for article: "Phenotypic Subtypes of OSA: A Challenge and Opportunity for Precision Medicine"CHEST Journal2021
Most cited articles since 2017 for article “Phenotypes in obstructive sleep apnea: A definition, examples and evolution of approaches”Sleep Medicine Reviews Journal (highest impact journal devoted to Sleep Medicine)2020
Top-10 Paper in Sleep Medicine, "Cardiovascular phenotypes and their cardiovascular implication in Obstructive Sleep Apnoea.”American Academy of Sleep Medicine2018
Outstanding Early Investigator AwardSleep Research Society2018
Parker B. Francis Fellowship Career Development AwardFrancis Family Foundation2018
Highlighted paper, “Cardiovascular phenotypes and their cardiovascular implication in Obstructive Sleep Apnoea”British Thoracic Society, London2017
Sleep Research Society Trainee Merit Based AwardAssociated Professional Sleep Societies Annual Meeting, Boston MA2017
Award Winner and Grant Recipient for Clinical Research12th Annual Respiratory Disease Young Investigators Forum2016
Fellowship in Clinical Research Grant AwardRobert E. Leet and Clara Guthrie Patterson Trust2016
Yale Center for Clinical Investigation and Center for Biomedical and Interventional Technology Emerging Core AwardYale University2014
The James H. Foster, M.D. Teaching Award, Excellence of Medical Student EducationUniversity of Connecticut School of Medicine, Farmington, CT2008
Winner, Global Health Project Competition15th Annual Global Health Education Consortium Conference, Toronto2006
University of Connecticut Research Day AwardUniversity of Connecticut, Farmington CT2006
Presidential Scholar AwardLehigh University2001
Phi Beta Kappa, Tau Beta Pi--EngineeringPhi Eta Sigma Honor Societies1996

Professional Service

Yale School of Medicine Physician Associate Thesis ReadersMember2020 - Present
Yale School of Medicine/Yale New Haven Hospital Internal Medicine Residency Mentor-Advisor-Coach committeeMember2020 - Present
Yale New Haven Hospital and Yale School of Medicine Focus group on Physician Burnout and ResilienceMember2019 - Present
Principles and Practice of Sleep Medicine (Seventh Edition), the authoritative reference book for sleep researchers and practitioners, Co-Editor for Sleep Disordered Breathing SectionAssociate Editor2019 - Present
American Thoracic Society, Sleep Respiratory Neurobiology Program Committee, Scientific Session Co-chair and Poster Discussion FacilitatorCo-Chair2018 - 2020
Yale University and Yale New Haven Hospital, Advanced Apnea Management ProgramDirector2018 - Present
Yale University, Sleep Fellowship Didactic and Research Educational CurriculumDirector2017 - Present
Yale Sleep Fellowship Program Clinical Competency CommitteeMember2017 - Present
American Academy of Sleep Medicine (SLEEP/APSS), Scientific Session Co-chair and Discussion FacilitatorCo-Chair2017 - Present
Sleep Research SocietyMember2016 - Present
American Academy of Sleep Medicine (SLEEP/APSS), VA Sleep Clinical and Research NetworkMember2015 - 2019
American Thoracic Society, Sleep Respiratory Neurobiology Education and Web CommitteeCommittee Member2015 - 2018
American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, Annals of American Thoracic Society, CHEST, Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine, Sleep and Breathing, Heart & Lung - The Journal of Acute and Critical Care, SLEEP, Sleep Medicine ReviewsReviewer2013 - Present
American Thoracic SocietyMember2013 - Present
American College of Chest PhysiciansMember2013 - Present
Guilford Center for ChildrenVolunteer2013 - Present
Guilford Free Public LibraryVolunteer2013 - Present
American Academy of Sleep Medicine (SLEEP/APSS)Member2011 - Present
Ukrainian Medical Association of North AmericaMember2008 - Present

Departments & Organizations