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  • New Yale Program Addresses Rare Lung Infection

    The new Yale Bronchiectasis and NTM Infections Program at the Winchester Center for Lung Disease specializes in treating patients with chronic respiratory tract infections, including one caused by nontuberculous mycobacteria.

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  • Winchester Center for Lung Disease is Flourishing Since Opening in 2021

    The Winchester Center for Lung Disease (WCLD) opened in March 2021 at the North Haven Medical Center to improve access to exceptional care for more people with lung conditions. The expanded facilities at the Winchester Center have allowed expansion of subspecialized pulmonary care as well as access to a wide array of multidisciplinary services, more than what was possible at the original Winchester Chest Clinic (WCC) on Yale New Haven Hospital’s York Street Campus.

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  • A CT college prof’s eye exam led to a cancer diagnosis. Here’s why she said there’s ‘karma in this’

    “Here I am going in for a routine eye exam and now all of a sudden I have a possible malignant spot on my lung. I mean talk about shell shock,” she said. Before the time came for the MRI on that Thursday — which didn’t detect anything suspicious — Vanderlick was already speaking with Dr. Sanket Thakore, a pulmonary specialist who treats and diagnoses critical lung conditions with minimally invasive techniques. Thakore immediately discussed taking a biopsy since Vanderlick was already in the hospital, she said. “When you have something suspicious like that you want to know right away about how bad it is,” Vanderlick said. “With this alone, you are already overwhelmed and don’t want a lot of drama or trauma even more than you are already experiencing.” On Friday that same week, Thakore used a new technique called robotic bronchoscopy procedure, and available at YNHH.

    Source: The Hartford Courant
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  • Dr. Kyle Bramley Leads Interventional Pulmonary Program

    The Yale Interventional Pulmonary team in Yale’s Section of Pulmonary, Critical Care, and Sleep Medicine (Yale-PCCSM) employs advanced technologies to diagnose and treat diseases in the chest, such as lung nodules and masses, lymph node enlargement, complex airways, and pleural effusions. The program, led by Kyle Bramley, MD, assistant professor of medicine (pulmonary), was one of the first interventional pulmonology programs in Connecticut when it was established in 2009. Today it remains the largest interventional pulmonary service in the state.

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