David De Angel Sola

Clinical Fellow


David Enrique was born and raised in Puerto Rico, where he received a Jesuit education.  He first came to the United States for college and studied Romance Languages and Political Sciences at Haverford College, then returned to his homeland to pursue degrees in Medicine (University of Puerto Rico, 2012) and Pediatrics (San Juan City Hospital, 2015). After residency, he joined the Yale team as a Fellow for Pediatric PuImonology and has done bench and clinical research in asthma. Through his investigation he has explored topics in treatment adherence, perceptions of disease, epigenetics, and the airway microbiome.  Dr. De Angel is staying at Yale University to undergo sub-specialty training in Sleep Medicine, where he hopes to study the impact of sleep disorders on respiratory disease and investigate the particularities of pediatric sub-populations suffering from sleep apnea.

 David was raised the youngest of six children and now lives with his wife and son in Hamden, CT. He loves traveling, water sports, numismatics, and being a dad.

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