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Fellows Publications


New Applications of Old Drugs as Novel Therapies in Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis. Metformin, Hydroxychloroquine, and Thyroid Hormone.

Manning EP1, Losier A1, Emeagwali N1, Ryu C1, Honiden S1

Medical and Surgical Management of Empyema.

Godfrey MS1, Bramley KT1, Detterbeck F2.

Teaching an Old Intensivist Neutrophil Tricks: Using Alveolar Neutrophilia to Diagnose Ventilator-associated Pneumonia

Gautam S1, Sharma L1, Dela Cruz CS1.

Measurement of Chitinase Activity in Biological Samples.

Amick AK1, Liu Q1, Gautam S1, Chupp G1, Dela Cruz CS#1, Sharma L#2.

Pulmonary artery pseudoaneurysm causing massive hemoptysis in hyperimmunoglobulin E syndrome: a case report

Aaron Hakim1†, Isabel S. Bazan2†, Mamadou L. Sanogo3†, Edward P. Manning2, Jeffrey S. Pollak3 and Geoffrey L. Chupp

New Applications of Old Drugs as Novel Therapies in Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis

Edward P. Manning, Ashley Losier, Nkiruka Emeagwali, Changwan Ryu*, and Shyoko Honiden*

Plasma mitochondrial DNA is associated with extrapulmonary sarcoidosis

Ryu C1, Brandsdorfer C1, Adams T1, Hu B1, Kelleher DW1, Yaggi M1, Manning EP1, Walia A1, Reeves B1, Pan H1, Winkler J1, Minasyan M1, Dela Cruz CS1, Kaminski N1, Gulati M1,2, Herzog EL3,2.

Cell Death in the Lung: The Apoptosis–Necroptosis Axis

Maor Sauler, Isabel S. Bazan, and Patty J. Lee

Pulmonary artery pseudoaneurysm causing massive hemoptysis inhyperimmunoglobulin E syndrome: a case report

Aaron Hakim1†, Isabel S. Bazan2†, Mamadou L. Sanogo3†, Edward P. Manning2, Jeffrey S. Pollak3 and Geoffrey L. Chupp2*


Regulation and Role of Chitotriosidase during Lung Infection with Klebsiella pneumoniae

Sharma L1, Amick AK1, Vasudevan S1, Lee SW1, Marion CR1, Liu W1, Brady V1, Losier A1, Bermejo SD1, Britto CJ1, Lee CG2, Elias JA2, Dela Cruz CS3,4.

Impact of Cigarette Smoke Exposure on the Lung Fibroblastic Response after Influenza Pneumonia.

Sei Won Lee1,2,3*, Lokesh Sharma1*, Young Ae Kang1,4, Sang-Hun Kim1, Sreelakshmi Chandrasekharan1, Ashley Losier1, Virginia Brady1, Santos Bermejo1, Nathaniel Andrews1, Chang-Min Yoon1, Wei Liu1, Jung-Yeon Lee1,5, Min-Jong Kang1‡, and Charles S. Dela Cruz1‡

A Slick Solution to a Sticky Problem

Samir Gautam, Lokesh Sharma, Charles S. Dela Cruz, David Adam Spiegel*

Personalizing the Management of Pneumonia

Samir Gautam MD, PhD, Lokesh Sharma PhD, Charles S.Dela Cruz MD, PhD

Early and Prolonged Opportunities to Practice SuturingIncreases Medical Student Comfort with Suturing duringClerkships: Suturing during Cadaver Dissection

Edward P. Manning,1*Priti L. Mishall,2,3Maxwell D. Weidmann,2Herschel Flax,2Sam Lan,2Mark Erlich,2William B. Burton,4Todd R. Olson,2Sherry A. Downie2,51

Staged Endovascular Intervention of Bilateral Pulmonary Artery Stenosis

Erden Goljo, MD, Isabel S. Bazan, MD, Eric J. Brandt, MD, Wassim H. Fares, MD, MSC, Jeremy D. Asnes, MD

Hypercoagulability in Pulmonary Hypertension

Isabel S. Bazan, MD* , Wassim H. Fares, MD, MSC

Mitochondrial dysfunction and pulmonary hypertension: Cause, Effect or Both.

Marshall JD , Bazan I, Zhang Y, Fares WH, Lee PJ

Pulmonary arterial hypertension in the setting of scleroderma is different than in the setting of lupus: A review.

Bazan IS, MD , Mensah KA, Rudkovskaia AA, Adonteng-Boateng PK, Herzog EL, Buckley L, Fares WH.


Improving the asthma disparity gap with legal advocacy? A qualitative study of patient-identified challenges to improve social and environmental factors that contribute to poorly controlled asthma.

Harris DA, Mainardi A, Iyamu O, Rosenthal MS, Bruce RD, Pisani MA, Redlich CA

A Woman in Her 60s With Lung Adenocarcinoma Presents With Copious Watery Sputum and Respiratory Failure.

Roeder NL, Marshall JD, Britto CJ

Complexity of macrophage migration inhibitory factor (MIF) and other angiogenic biomarkers profiling in pulmonary arterial hypertension.

Marshall JD,Sauler M, Tonelli A, Rao Y, Bucala R, Lee PJ, Fares WH

Tumor Emboli: A Rare Cause of Acute Pulmonary Hypertension

Anne S. Mainardi, MD, Terence Trow, MD

Atypical Pneumonia Updates on Legionella, Chlamydophila, and Mycoplasma Pneumonia

Lokesh Sharma, PhD , Ashley Losier, MD, Thomas Tolbert, MD, Charles S. Dela Cruz, MD, PhD, Chad R. Marion, DO, PhD

A systematic review of transition studies of pulmonary arterial hypertension specific medications

Avraham Sofer , Michael J. Ryan , Ryan J. Tedford , Joel A. Wirth and Wassim H. Fares

Modulation of Endothelial Bone Morphogenetic Protein Receptor Type 2 Activity by Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Receptor 3 in Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension

Cheol Hwangbo, PhD* Heon-Woo Lee, PhD* Hyeseon Kang, MS* Hyekyung Ju, MS David S. Wiley, PhD Irinna Papangeli, PhD Jinah Han, PhD Jun-Dae Kim, PhD William P. Dunworth, PhD Xiaoyue Hu, BA Seyoung Lee, PhD Omar El-Hely, Avraham Sofer, MD Boryeong Pak, MS Laura Peterson, BA Suzy Comhair, PhD Eun Mi Hwang, PhD Jae-Yong Park, PhD Jean-Leon Thomas, PhD Victoria L. Bautch, PhD Serpil C. Erzurum, MD Hyung J. Chun MD Suk-Won Jin, PhD

Loss of Twist1 in the Mesenchymal Compartment Promotes Increased Fibrosis in Experimental Lung Injury by Enhanced Expression of CXCL12

Jiangning Tan, John R. Tedrow, Mehdi Nouraie, Justin A. Dutta, David T. Miller, Xiaoyun Li, Shibing Yu, Yanxia Chu, Brenda Juan-Guardela, Naftali Kaminski, Kritika Ramani, Partha S. Biswas, Yingze Zhang, and Daniel J. Kass

Upper Airway Obstruction Requiring Emergent Tracheostomy Secondary to Laryngeal Sarcoidosis: A Case Report

Changwan Ryu Erica L. Herzog Hongyi Pan Robert Homer Mridu Gulati

An Observational Study of Provider Perspectives on Alternative Payment Models

Drew Harris, DPM, MPH, and Katherine Puskarz, MPH

Not “Out of Sight, Out of Mind”: Interventions to Relieve Suffering for Bereaved Families After an ICU Death*

Nicole Bournival, MD Mark D. Siegel, MD

Use of Electronic Cigarettes Leads to Significant Beta2-Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor Occupancy: Evidence From a PET Imaging Study

Stephen R. Baldassarri, M. D., Ansel T. Hillmer, Ph.D., Jon Mikael Anderson, M.S., Peter Jatlow, M.D., Nabeel Nabulsi, Ph.D., David Labaree, Ph.D., Kelly P. Cosgrove, Ph.D., Stephanie S. O’Malley, Ph.D., Thomas Eissenberg, Ph.D., Suchitra Krishnan-Sarin, Ph.D., & Irina Esterlis, Ph.D.

Respiratory Viral Infectionsin Chronic Lung Diseases

Clemente J. Britto, MD , Virginia Brady, MD , Seiwon Lee, MD , Charles S. Dela Cruz, MD, PhD


Comparison of Transbronchial and Cryobiopsies in Evaluation of Diffuse Parenchymal Lung Disease

Anuradha Ramaswamy, MD, Robert Homer, MD 2 , Jonathan Killam, MD , Margaret Pisani, MD , Terry Murphy, PhD , Katy Araujo, MPH 4 , and Jonathan Puchalski, MD, MEd

Postoperative Complications in Patients With Unrecognized Obesity Hypoventilation Syndrome Undergoing Elective Noncardiac Surgery

Roop Kaw, MD; Priyanka Bhateja, MD; Hugo Paz y Mar, MD; Adrian V. Hernandez, MD, PhD; Anuradha Ramaswamy, MD; Abhishek Deshpande, MD, PhD; and Loutfi S. Aboussouan, MD, FCCP

Expression of RXFP1 Is Decreased in Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis Implications for Relaxin-based Therapies

Jiangning Tan, John R. Tedrow, Justin A. Dutta, Brenda Juan-Guardela, Mehdi Nouraie, Yanxia Chu, Humberto Trejo Bittar, Kritika Ramani, Partha S. Biswas, Kristen L. Veraldi, Naftali Kaminski, Yingze Zhang, and Daniel J. Kass,

Integrated Genomics Reveals Convergent Transcriptomic Networks Underlying Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis

Rebecca L. Kusko, John F. Brothers II, John Tedrow, Kusum Pandit, Luai Huleihel, Catalina Perdomo, Gang Liu, Brenda Juan-Guardela, Daniel Kass, Sherry Zhang, Marc Lenburg, Fernando Martinez, John Quackenbush, Frank Sciurba, Andrew Limper, Mark Geraci, Ivana Yang, David A. Schwartz, Jennifer Beane, Avrum Spira, and Naftali Kaminski

Plexin C1 deficiency permits synaptotagmin 7–mediated macrophage migration and enhances mammalian lung fibrosis

Xueyan Peng, Meagan Moore, Aditi Mathur, Yang Zhou, Huanxing Sun, Ye Gan, Jose D. Herazo-Maya, Naftali Kaminski, Xinyuan Hu, Hongyi Pan, Changwan Ryu, Awo Osafo-Addo, Robert J. Homer, Carol Feghali-Bostwick, Wassim H. Fares, Mridu Gulati, Buqu Hu, Chun-Geun Lee, Jack A. Elias, and Erica L. Herzog ,

Community-based Participatory Research Is Needed to Address Pulmonary Health Disparities

Drew A. Harris , Mellisa A. Pensa , Carrie A. Redlich , Margaret A. Pisani , and Marjorie S. Rosenthal

Pneumococcal Vaccination Strategies An Update and Perspective

Andrew C. Berical, Drew Harris, Charles S. Dela Cruz, and Jennifer D. Possick

Population Health: Curriculum Framework for an Emerging Discipline

Drew Harris, DPM, MPH, 1 Katherine Puskarz, MPH, 1 and Caroline Golab, PhD 1

Central Nervous System Oxygen Toxicity and Hyperbaric Oxygen Seizures

Edward P. Manning

Review of the Ongoing Story of Appetite Suppressants, Serotonin Pathway, and Pulmonary Vascular Disease

Isabel S. Bazan, MD, and Wassim H. Fares, MD, MSc

Exploring Issues of Comorbid Conditions in People Who Smoke

Alana M. Rojewski PhD, Stephen Baldassarri MD, Nina A. Cooperman PsyD, Ellen R. Gritz PhD , Frank T. Leone MD , Megan E. Piper PhD, Benjamin A. Toll PhD, Graham W. Warren MD, PhD


Geetinder Goyal, Margaret A. Pisani, Terrence E. Murphy, Katy L. Araujo, and Jonathan T. Puchalski

Mathews KS, Corso P, Bacon S, Jenq GY

Zhou Y, Peng H, Peng X, Tang C, Gan Y, Chen X, Mathur A, Hu B, Slade MD, Montgomery RR, Shaw AC, Homer RJ, White ES, Lee CM, Moore MW, Gulati M, Geun Lee C, Elias JA, Herzog EL

Herzog El, Mathur A, Tager AM, Feghali-Bostwick C, Schmeider F, Varga J

Won C, Mahmoudi M, Qin L, Purvis T, Mathur A, Mohsenin V
Sun H, Calle E, Chen X, Mathur A, Zhu Y, Mendez J, Zhao L, Niklason L, Penq X, Penq H, Herzog EL

Praveen Mannam, Anup Srivastava, Jaya Prakash Sugunaraj, Patty J Lee, and Maor Sauler

Gutierrez A, Sauler M, Mitchell JM, Siegel MD, Trow, TK, Bachetta M, Fares WH

Zhang Y, Sauler M, Shinn AS, Gong H, Haslip M, Shan P, Mannam P, Lee PJ

Sauler M, Leng L, Trentalange M, Haslip M, Shan P, Piecychna M, Zhang Y, Andrews N, Mannam P, Allore H, Fried T, Bucala R, Lee PJ.

Melissa P. Knauert, Vipin Malik, and Biren Kamdar

Knauert MP, Yaggi HK, Redeker NS, Murphy TE, Araujo KL, Pisani MA

Xueyan Peng, Meagan W. Moore, Hong Peng, Huanxing Sun, Ye Gan, Robert J. Homer, and Erica Herzog

Fogerty RL, Heavner JJ, Moriarty JP, Sofair AN, Jenq G